• New York Times Co.  v.  Sullivan Summary | quimbee.com
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    New York Times Co. v. Sullivan Summary | quimbee.com

    – [Narrator] Freedom of speech has its limits. Those limits were tested in New York Times Company versus Sullivan. In 1960, a civil rights organization took out a full page advertisement in the New York Times. The advertisement detailed a “wave of terror” perpetrated by civil rights opponents. Amongst other horrors, the advertisement accused the Alabama police department of terrorizing student protesters. In particular the advertisement claimed police had padlocked the students’ dining hall “in an attempt to starve them into submission”. The problem was that the advertisement contained a number of factual inaccuracies. The Alabama police never padlocked the student dining hall and several other statements in the advertisement…

  • ‘Free Speech and Youths,’ With Mary Beth Tinker
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    ‘Free Speech and Youths,’ With Mary Beth Tinker

    MICAH SCHWARTZMAN: Welcome, everyone. My name is Micah Schwartzman, and I’m the director of the Karsh Center for Law and Democracy, which is one of the sponsors of this conference, with the Virginia Law Review, along with an impressive range of student groups. I’ll just read you the list, the American Constitution Society, Black Law Students Association, Child Advocacy Research and Education, the Federalist Society, Latin American Law Organization, Law Innovation Security and Technology, the Middle Eastern and Northern African Law Student Association, the Minority Rights Coalition, and the Rex E. Lee Law Society. It’s notable, I think that such a diverse group of student groups, which often represent very…

  • Does Free Speech Offend You?
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    Does Free Speech Offend You?

    Freedom of speech. The ability to express yourself. It’s a cherished idea — as well it should be. Most of us who live in liberal Western democracies think of it as a basic human right. People have fought and died for it. But now we may be in danger of losing it. The threat is not coming from without — from external enemies — but from within. A generation is being raised not to believe in freedom OF speech, but rather that they should have freedom FROM speech — from speech they dislike. This is a threat to both pluralism and democracy itself. We see this in Europe where “sensitivity-based”…

  • Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST
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    Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

    Is the campus free speech crisis a myth? Some say yes. They tell us not to be distracted by media stories of campus radicals shouting down speakers. “Look at the big picture,” they say. “Free speech is doing just fine.” Are they right? That is coming up next on the Factual Feminist. I was recently invited to Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, to give a lecture making a case for more openness on women’s issues, such as the gender wage gap, or the patriarchal rape culture. These need to be questioned and debated, not accepted as gospel. Women—everyone—are best served by truth—not slogans, much less myths. But…

  • Influencing an Election | Campaign Finance
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    Influencing an Election | Campaign Finance

    If you’re anything like me, after a hard day of work, you like to head on down to the 99 cent store… Maybe grab yourself a candy bar or a new pair of socks. You slap your Washington on the table and expect your penny back. But these days, there are people who don’t want you to get that penny back. People who think the business would be better off keeping that penny – they probably know how to spend it better than you would anyway. Pennies cost too much to make or simply aren’t worth the hassle. Now, I may be a simple man, but I don’t think counting…

  • Ben Shapiro: Telos, Responsibility and Cultivation
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    Ben Shapiro: Telos, Responsibility and Cultivation

    I’m here today with Ben Shapiro. Ben and I met about eight months ago, eh? He came up to Toronto and gave a rousing talk and… Talk about political correctness at that point, quite a politically appointed political talk, and I got a couple of questions for you. One is what are you planning to do in 2018? What do you want to see happen in 2018, personally? And what are you aiming at, and why? So I’m aiming at broadening the reach of the the political messages that I espouse and the messages of, I think, personal responsibility and virtue that I try to espouse. I’m also working on…

  • Bitcoin Q&A: Will Bitcoin survive global government intervention & regulation?
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    Bitcoin Q&A: Will Bitcoin survive global government intervention & regulation?

    [AUDIENCE] I work for ProtonMail. I just wanted to ask a question about Bitcoin. [ANDREAS] ProtonMail is awesome. [AUDIENCE] Thank you! Do you believe that Bitcoin can survive government intervention and regulation on a global scale? [ANDREAS] I have never seen global collaboration between countries on regulating anything. [Laughter] If the governments of the world can’t get their asses into gear to deal with global warming, literally an [existential] threat to the tiny little blue lifeboat we are hurtling through the cosmos on, do you think they will get together and agree on Bitcoin? Especially when, strategically, they are all thinking, “If Bitcoin [does well], then I am fucked!” [Laughter]…

  • Charlottesville: Should Confederate symbols be taken down?
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    Charlottesville: Should Confederate symbols be taken down?

    Do you agree with that these symbols of that confederate era should be removed? I do think so actually, and I think that the question of what those statues meant when they went up can be separated from what they mean now. And what they mean now is something that is no longer a part of a sort of acceptable cultural framework of speech. We need to find different and better ways to talk about the legacy of the Civil War. I totally agree. They should be taken down. I think they should be taken down through the process through, you know, fighting it out in city council, absolutely through…