• Is The U.S. Constitution Actually Special?
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    Is The U.S. Constitution Actually Special?

    James Buchanan: And we’ve got away from kind of what I like to think of kind of a constitutional attitude. That is, the public doesn’t understand the government in its limited role and certainly the politicians themselves don’t understand. Milton Friedman: That was the great wisdom of the Founding Fathers of this country, of the people who wrote the Constitution. That constitution was designed to limit government’s powers, in order to preserve the freedom of the individuals, and what has happened in the past 50 years is that the fundamental character of the Constitution has really been changed. We have broadened enormously the conception of what is a governmental power…

  • TMCC Constitution Day – 2016
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    TMCC Constitution Day – 2016

    All right everybody first of all I want to thank you for coming here and I know you’re doing it it has nothing to do with extra credit I’m so impressed that all of you are doing this let me introduce myself I’m Paul Davis I’m professor of political science here and just a little brief note you’re gonna be it’s going to be interactive if you have your mobile devices you can take them out now but even though today is September 15th September 17th is Constitution Day well that comes out on a Saturday and I know even with extra credit nobody would show up on a Saturday…

  • Episode 026: Finding Freedom
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    Episode 026: Finding Freedom

    Late one night a burglar broke into a house and while he was sneaking around he heard a voice say, “Jesus is watching you.” He looked around and saw nothing. So he cautiously moved forward, but again heard, “Jesus is watching you.” In a dark corner, he saw a cage with a parrot inside. The burglar asked the parrot, “Was it you who said Jesus is watching me?” The parrot replied, “Yes.” Relieved, the burglar asked, “What is your name?” The parrot said, “Clarence.” The burglar said, “That’s a stupid name for a parrot. What idiot named you Clarence?” The parrot answered, “The same idiot that named the Rottweiler that’s…

  • History of U.S. Interventions, Lessons For Libya
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    History of U.S. Interventions, Lessons For Libya

    then given the operation in libya is far from clear even american officials acknowledge it could end with qaddafi still in power but from past conflicts we can find clues about when the u_s_ military might succeed in the subjective and what it won’t now for most last night and of course we’ve been in iraq and afghanistan long messy wars where we use massive amounts of ground troops there’s still big questions however over the outcomes of those complex but it seems state to say but does not appear to be a model we would like to emily i certainly would now like emulated but there are big difference…

  • Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28
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    Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28

    Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course World History and today you aren’t going to get a blow by blow chronology of the American Revolution, and you aren’t going to get cool biographical details about Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. But you are going to get me not wearing any pants. Mr. Green, Mr. Green! Did you know that George Washington might have had slave teeth implanted into his jaw? Yeah, I did, Me from the Past, and while it’s fun to focus on metaphorically resonant details, what we’re concerned with here is why the American Revolution happened and the extent to which it was actually revolutionary. Plus, for…

  • DEA Takes $82,000 Life Savings From Pittsburgh Retiree
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    DEA Takes $82,000 Life Savings From Pittsburgh Retiree

    The government helped themselves to the life savings of my grandparents and my father. Described how you felt that day. Insulted Insulted I felt that my father and his father before him worked very hard for this money and I’m merely taking it from one state to another to take care of my father and the fact that someone can put their hand into my pocket and just take it without cause was insulting as an American. My dad is 79 years old he has always been a larger-than-life personality He has worked really really hard over his entire career to support my brothers and myself. He’s just one of…

  • The German Revolution (5/7 – The Constitution)
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    The German Revolution (5/7 – The Constitution)

    On March 27th of 1849, almost a year after it had assembled for the first time, the Parliament proclaimed the constitution of the German Empire. The Constitution addressed both of the core demands of the revolutionaries by declaring that the newly founded Empire should include all territories of the German Confederation, as well as incorporating the basic rights of the German people, which had been passed in late December of 1848, thus granting the German people both national unity and the liberties they had demanded. The constitution was supposed to establish a constitutional, hereditary monarchy with an emperor as head of state who could appoint ministers and delay laws he…

  • Springfield Land ~ Universal Studios ~ Harry Potter ~ Butterbeer
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    Springfield Land ~ Universal Studios ~ Harry Potter ~ Butterbeer

    ladies and gentlemen I have been given an opportunity to do something on my bucket list for a very long time see behind me finally may found my way to Universal Studios here in Orlando Florida and many of my subscribers have been telling me as I’ve been coming to Disney hey every time you come to Orlando you skip this place yeah I do that’s because they apparently they have some awesome rides but you cannot fill them on any ride in Universal Studios any of the three parks so today I will be sharing with you my first experience of both parks I got a part copper thank…

  • The Opioid Epidemic is a Lie – Medical Freedom
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    The Opioid Epidemic is a Lie – Medical Freedom

    I am sitting in a stick Hut in the park. Today, I’d like to talk with you a bit about medical freedom. I do a radio show called medical freedom and I’m asked sometimes, well, what is medical freedom? And it’s really a right that we don’t have, but we should. One of our founding fathers, signer of the Declaration of Independence, was Dr. Benjamin Rush, and he urged for a provision to be made for medical freedom just as there was being made a provision for religious freedom. He wasn’t heeded and today we live in a world of: forced vaccination, pain patients being stripped of their pain medicine,…