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    Does the NSA Violate Your Constitutional Rights? | Learn Liberty

    Many people don’t know what their constitutional freedoms are or why they have them in the first place. They’ve gotten so used to the freedoms they’ve enjoyed as Americans that they haven’t noticed just how rare and fragile they really are. Before America’s founding, the British king George III would issue what were called general warrants, which empowered local authorities to look for wrongdoing anywhere and to use their discretion to find any kind of treasonous behavior, including among the people that would come to be our Founders. But this became such an abuse of dictatorial authority that after the Revolutionary War a prohibition on general warrants was written right…

  • Warning: More Excuses to Take Your Rights
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    Warning: More Excuses to Take Your Rights

    Taking away rights because some people abuse them is dangerous. Every time someone uses a gun to commit a crime, you’ll hear gun control supporters claim that new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms are “necessary.” They don’t care that criminals don’t follow the law, and they don’t care that they’ll be attacking an essential tool of self-defense. Their view is extremely dangerous. But they’re not alone. Lately, a small, but very vocal, minority of conservatives have been complaining in much the same way about nullification. They tell us that nullification is bad because as they say it, “sanctuary cities are nullification.” Their view is also very…

  • “The Structure of Government” by Ayn Rand
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    “The Structure of Government” by Ayn Rand

    mr. n I don’t know exactly how to start off on this I guess it is a rather broad topic but what would you say is the most valuable political system valuable from what ten point you really should mean what is the right or the proper political system since political systems are man-made in a matter of human choice the question should be what is the right political system is net what you mean yes for capitalism of course total uncontrolled less a fair capitalism which means a separation of state and economics well isn’t when we speak of political systems we usually think of capitalism as an economic…

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    A Constitution’s Road Trip

    [poignant music] [camera shutter clicking] – How does the Constitution affect my life? – Where should we start? [camera shutter clicking] – I wish I knew more about the Constitution. – I don’t know what it is. I can’t figure it out. – Uh… – I don’t know. – I don’t know anything about it. – The U.S. Constitution is providing freedom. – Freedom and boundaries. – Freedom and equality under the law. – Just the basis for freedom. – How can you go beyond free? – It protects me overall, general. – It protects us and protects others. – So to protect the citizens. – From an overweening government.…

  • Female lawmaker proposes testicular bill of rights to counter male lawmakers attempts to legislate w
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    Female lawmaker proposes testicular bill of rights to counter male lawmakers attempts to legislate w

    Female lawmaker proposes testicular bill of rights to counter male lawmakers attempts to legislate w Lawmakers have gone nuts. Georgia state Rep. Darshun Kendrick is floating the idea that if men can legislate womens reproductive rights, women should have a vote on what men do with their bodies. In an email titled Testicular Bill of Rights Legislation sent to fellow lawmakers with its level of importance marked high, Kendrick proposed a bill to ban vasectomies, classify sex without a condom as aggravated assault and require men purchasing Viagra to have their partners consent. Her email is in response to the Georgias House of Representatives approval last week of HB 481,…

  • “Enforce the Law,” But Only if it Doesn’t Violate the Constitution
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    “Enforce the Law,” But Only if it Doesn’t Violate the Constitution

    We recently released a report showing that our Second Amendment president has actually ramped up enforcement of unconstitutional federal gun laws when you compare him to gun-grabbing President Obama during his last year in office Well, we got a lot of hate mail for that one. Of course, a lot of it was just silly. Typing, “That’s B.S.,” in all caps isn’t really an argument. But several people brought up something more substantive saying the president has to enforce the law no matter what. One guy said if the president starts picking and choosing which laws to enforce, it will “break the system.” Now look – considering virtually everything the…

  • Interpreting the Constitution: A Living Document?
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    Interpreting the Constitution: A Living Document?

    ♪♪Music♪♪ During this lecture I want to talk about the living constitution. In our previous lecture we talked about originalism. This is the main alternative to originalism. The notion that the constitution is a dynamic document that has the potential to change over time and that is something they think is, is true just because it’s true, but that they also imagined and hoped it would change over time to reflect changing conditions, changing circumstances whether they be social or economic in nature. And like with originalism, there are two different ways we can begin to understand where this notion comes from. Why would somebody come up with this idea…

  • The Intentional Difficulty of Amending the Constitution
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    The Intentional Difficulty of Amending the Constitution

    ♪♪Music♪♪ This lecture is entitled change is a comin maybe. And what I want to talk with you about during this lecture is the amendment process to the Constitution. So there are 27 amendments to our Constitution and if that number seems small, it’s not surprising. The amendment process is laid out in article 5 of the Constitution is a very, very high bar to pass. ¾ of state legislature need to approve an amendment that is the product either of Congress or a national convention. That is an option that we have that we’ve never utilized. Our 27 amendments have come from proposals either from states or from Congress.…

  • Constitution 101: Immigration vs Naturalization
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    Constitution 101: Immigration vs Naturalization

    Did you know there is a difference between immigration and naturalization under the Constitution? Most people assume that the federal government has complete control over immigration. This is partly due to the fact that they confuse immigration and naturalization. In fact, they are two very distinct things. The Constitution delegates to the federal government the power to establish a “uniform Rule of Naturalization,” but it does not expressly delegate any power to regulate immigration. Both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson said the individual states have the power to regulate immigration and to deal with any foreigners within their borders. Madison insisted the only time the federal government could deport a…

  • Introduction to Intellectual Freedom
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    Introduction to Intellectual Freedom

    The term intellectual freedom sounds like a complicated, foreign concept. And it can be. But at its core intellectual freedom is something that affects everyone everyday. Intellectual freedom can also be complicated, but that’s what this video is for. This video will cover the basics: what intellectual freedom is and why it is important. So let’s get started. What is intellectual freedom, anyway? The American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Manual describes it as “the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction.” Complex, right? Well in more casual terms that means that when you go to the library and ask for…