• Samvidhaan – Episode 4/10
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    Samvidhaan – Episode 4/10

    The many committees of the Constituent Assembly got busy in their work. Even the government in these trying times had a lot to handle. So, after a long gap, the Constituent Assembly met again… …on 4th November 1948. Meanwhile, a great tragedy shook the nation Mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom. The Assembly offered homage with bowed heads. It’s a strange coincidence that around the same time, Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah had also passed away. He too was paid homage after Gandhi. Then began the debates on Fundamental Rights led by Dr. Ambedkar. Many felt the proposed Fundamental Rights were too meagre. The Fundamental Rights that we passed last time, led to complaints that we…

  • Polity Lecture (IAS) : Constitution Of India : An Overview || Likhaai
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    Polity Lecture (IAS) : Constitution Of India : An Overview || Likhaai

    The Constitution of India, as we know a Constitution of a Country is the supreme law of any Nation or it is also called as the most Fundamental Governing Document of a country It describes the type of polity which exists in a country that is, whether a country is a Democracy Or whether it is a Monarchy Or it could be a Military Rule or what ever kind of polity that exist in a country. It will be held by the constitution of the country It also tells, What kind of privileges are provided to the citizens of the nation? Whether they will be treated as equal? for example,…

  • Samvidhaan – Episode 3/10
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    Samvidhaan – Episode 3/10

    Five days after Independence, the Constituent Assembly met again. With the joy of being free, many complaints emerged. Before we begin I want to draw your attention to an important issue On Independence day, at Agra Fort, lakhs of people had gathered for the flag hoisting ceremony. A British officer said that if the Union Jack was replaced by the new flag he won’t allow any soldier to participate in the ceremony. We cannot tolerate any insult to our national flag. I would request the President to ask the leader of the house Pandit Nehru, to make a statement. Regarding the incidents of the 14th-15th August, I would now request…