• What is Universal Basic Income?
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    What is Universal Basic Income?

    Nothing undermines life more than insecuritybut for too many, the last few decades have become ever more insecure.Work is less certain and more stressful,especially for those on average incomes and lower —and we have a tax and benefits system that is complex and sometimes punitive.We could do something completely different,like give a basic monthly payment to every single citizen.This is called a Basic Income.It’s a centuries-old idea favoured by philosophers,social reformers, civic leaders and across the political spectrum.And it could help us meet our needs today.Basic Income would provide a platform to smooth the life transitionsmillions of us will face in coming years,including changes that may come from technology.It’s the…

  • Global Ethics Forum: The Case for Universal Basic Income, with Andrew Yang
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    Global Ethics Forum: The Case for Universal Basic Income, with Andrew Yang

    (upbeat music) – Welcome to Ethics Matter. I’m Stephanie Sy. Our guest here in the Carnegie Council Studio is Andrew Yang. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of Venture for America, a fellowship program that’s given young entrepreneurs the opportunity to start businesses and create jobs in American cities. He’s also an author, and his most recent book is called The War on Normal People: The Truth About America’s Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future. It is jobs that Andrew Yang clearly cares about. Andrew, thank you first of all, so much, for being here. The reason you have written this book about universal basic…