• Augusta GA! A little History; River Walk and Brewery!
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    Augusta GA! A little History; River Walk and Brewery!

    (rousing upbeat music) – [Narrator] Augusta, Georgia is approximately 150 miles east of Atlanta on Interstate 20, and boarded by South Carolina on the Savannah River. It’s also a center for medicine, manufacturing and military. The city lies across the Savannah River from South Carolina. Georgia’s second largest city from Atlanta, Augusta’s located in the Piedmont section of the state. Augusta has a rich history dating back to the early 1700s. A settlement which was established in 1736 is named for Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, 1719 to 1772, the bride of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and the mother of the British monarch, George III. The area along the river was…

  • Family Violence Intervention Program #FVIP #familyviolenceinterventionprogram #domesticviolenceclass
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    Family Violence Intervention Program #FVIP #familyviolenceinterventionprogram #domesticviolenceclass

    Do you need to enroll into a Family Violence Intervention Program? If so, look no further and call the Diversion Center. We have the best classes, at the best price, and we can get you enrolled today. Our courteous, professional staff is eager to assist you with enrollment and help you complete your Family Violence Intervention Classes. We are a court approved treatment provider and are open Monday through Saturday. We also offer: Alcohol and Drug Evaluations Mental Health Evaluations Alcohol and Drug Classes Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Classes And Individual Counseling Our appointments fill up fast, so give us a call today to schedule your enrollment. Call us at…

  • Chisholm v. Georgia (1793) | An Introduction to Constitutional Law
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    Chisholm v. Georgia (1793) | An Introduction to Constitutional Law

    An Introduction To Constitutional Law 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know By Randy Barnett and Josh Blackman #1: Chisholm v. Georgia (1793) Referring to the first three words of the Constitution. He explained that quote our national scene opens with the most magnificent object which the nation could present. The people of the United States are the first personages introduced. Finally, Wilson turns to the text of Article 3 Section 2. By ratifying this provision Wilson says the people of Georgia had consented to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court when the state of Georgia was sued by a citizen of another state ”As to the purposes of the…

  • Black couple turns away white repairman who had Confederate flag on truck
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    Black couple turns away white repairman who had Confederate flag on truck

     A black couple in Georgia turned away a white repairman who showed up to their house while flying a large Confederate flag, leaving the couple in utter “disbelief” before saying he wasn’t welcome  The Saturday exchange between Zeke and Allison Brown and a contractor in his early 20s identified only as Michael was caught on the couple’s doorbell cam at their home in Dallas Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, where they wanted someone to fix faulty brakes on their golf cart, ABC News reports  Zeke Brown said his son first spotted the flag that’s seen by some as a symbol of slavery and white supremacy as the repairman pulled into…

  • Agriculture and K-9 Intervention Saved this Veteran’s Life
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    Agriculture and K-9 Intervention Saved this Veteran’s Life

    {Sad Dramatic Music] [Chris Dorsey/Founder, Warrior Farms] You know, I had… I was self-medicating with alcohol. I’d pushed my family away, failed relationships. I was in the middle of a custody battle for my son. So I was sitting’ there with my 45 in my hand and on my bathroom floor, ready to take my own life, and I had my two dogs, Sierra and Bo, and I closed the bathroom door, and they just knocked it down. They busted in that night, and they just sat there with me, and I couldn’t do it in front of them. They were…they were…They were my kids. So they definitely saved my…

  • Early Intervention: Feeding
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    Early Intervention: Feeding

    WOMAN: It’s a bear. LUCAS: No more. WOMAN: How about a cracker? LUCAS: No. WOMAN: This — this kind. LUCAS: No. GEORGIA: Say, “No, mommy.” LUCAS: No, mommy. GEORGIA’S: Okay. You know what? Georgia’s gonna have one. WOMAN: I’m gonna, too. GEORGIA: I’m gonna bite his ear. Got his ear. Look. [ Both gasp ] [ Laughter ] Ready? Look at this one. I’m gonna — Look, look, look. Lucas, wait. Turn to me. [ Lucas screaming ] Tell Georgia. Tell Georgia. WOMAN: It’s all right. GEORGIA: If he’s crying, just wait. Mmm. WOMAN: This is good. Mmm. GEORGIA: He’s gonna cry more. WOMAN: Huh? GEORGIA: He’s gonna — He…

  • US bans its own history by banishing the Confederate flag – Max Kolonko Telling it like it is
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    US bans its own history by banishing the Confederate flag – Max Kolonko Telling it like it is

    Will US ban the historic flag of the South? After a white kid killed 9 blacks parishioners in Charleston SC S.C. governor Nikki Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of state capitol. Also the largest retailer in the US – Walmart said they won’t sell the Confederate flag as the flag is associated by blacks with slavery. This in spite – of a 2011 Pew Research Center study which indicated that almost 60% of Americans have neither positive or negative attitudes towards the flag The whole issue came out after the white kid who shot dead the black parishioners posted on a now removed…

  • Confederate Culture is thriving in Brazil!!!
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    Confederate Culture is thriving in Brazil!!!

    Hello and welcome to another episode of the really show where we report on the funny weird and interesting things we find online. I’m your host Aaron Ross today show I wish I were in Dixie but settle in Brazil. I wish I were in Dixi hurray, hurray. If you like the show we would really appreciate if you would subscribe check this out today located in South Paulo Brazil is the Americana municipality, it houses this unique subculture that you would never expect The Confederados They have managed to preserve many unique traditions and culture that belong to the Confederate South. 100 What? Ha, Ha, Ha But many are…

  • Bigoted Family Disowns Gay Son After Horrible Failed “Intervention”
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    Bigoted Family Disowns Gay Son After Horrible Failed “Intervention”

    It seems as though Tolerance toward the gay community has become more common You’re hearing lots of great stories about people coming out to their families their families have been open and accepting However there was an unfortunate video that went viral recently featuring a 20 year old by the name of Daniel Ashr- Ashley Pierce now He came out to his family in Georgia Last October and when he did his father was unresponsive. He didn’t seem like he was] too happy with it, but his stepmother seemed like she was more open-minded and accepting well, then all of a sudden they did something that he referred to as…