• How This Former Child Bride Spoke Out In Pakistan | Fundamental | Refinery29
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    How This Former Child Bride Spoke Out In Pakistan | Fundamental | Refinery29

    -People expect me… -To stay at home. -To be nice. -To give up my space. Freedom is the sense of autonomy. But I do come from a very patriarchal world. They see my differences first. It was difficult to not have to be seen as a man or a woman. I don’t wanna apologize for being angry anymore, does that make sense? [SCREAMING] I’m not afraid to say that I do believe in something great. And I’m gonna give up. -Fundamental. -Gender. -Justice. -No exceptions. [RUKHSHANDA IN URDU] [CHILDREN CHATTERING] [RUKHSHANDA GREETING IN URDU] [SPEAKING URDU] [GIRL SPEAKING URDU] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [IN URDU] [IN ENGLISH] [CONTINUES IN URDU] [INDISTINCT CHATTER]…

  • How Legislative Districts Are Drawn | Things Explained
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    How Legislative Districts Are Drawn | Things Explained

    I bet you’ve been to a city or town that has different sections. Maybe one for business, one where there are factories or farms, and one for houses. These are called districts. States are also divided into districts for political purposes. Each district elects officials to their state and national bodies, like the U.S. Congress or the Georgia General Assembly, which is housed right here the Capitol building in Atlanta. These legislative districts are made up of different sections of cities, towns, and counties. How a district is shaped and who is included in it can make a large difference when it comes to who gets elected. Georgia sends 16…

  • Cystic Fibrosis: Early Intervention
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    Cystic Fibrosis: Early Intervention

    research has shown that early intervention provides benefits to children with cystic fibrosis including weight gain and improved breathing all newborns in Georgia are screened at birth for cystic fibrosis with a simple blood test in those babies with the positive screen a sweat test is done to confirm the diagnosis early diagnosis of cystic fibrosis is important so that treatment can be started and education and support can be provided before your child shows symptoms we used to see children present with the underlying diagnosis of failure to thrive and what that would mean is that these children would be born as healthy children they would have significant malabsorption…

  • Fighting the Con-Con at the Local Level
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    Fighting the Con-Con at the Local Level

    I’m dr. Duke with The New American today I’m joined by Evan Mulch Field Coordinator for the John Birch Society and your area of specialty is mostly South Carolina right that’s your territory other states as well Evan yeah I cover Georgia and I cover a part of North Carolina really important part of the country right that Heartland where we need good constitutionalists I know like every other state you are really with the John Birch Society dramatically trying to fight off the con con they can’t be a constitutional convention the move the push to open up our Constitution to gerrymandering by all sorts of special interest groups…

  • 2020 Legislative Session Will Include Important Ag Debate
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    2020 Legislative Session Will Include Important Ag Debate

    [Atlanta, GA/John Holcomb ‚Äì Reporting] Session is now in session here in Georgia as lawmakers kicked off the second year of the two-year session. It‚Äôs expected to be a busy few weeks especially for ag, as there are several bills that farmers in the state are hoping make it to the governor‚Äôs desk. One of the bigger ones being House bill 545 or otherwise known as the ‚Äúright to farm‚Äù bill. This bill comes after the nuisance lawsuits against hog farmers in North Carolina and hopes to strengthen and protect Georgia farmers from loopholes in right to farm laws. [Rep. Tom McCall/Chairman, House Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee] The right…

  • What Do Legislative Committees Do? | Peach State Politics
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    What Do Legislative Committees Do? | Peach State Politics

    Welcome back to Peach State Politics. I’m Stephen Fowler, your GPB Education Capitol correspondent. This week we’re getting into the nitty gritty of committees. Try saying that five times fast. Nitty gritty committee. Nitty gritty committee. Anyway, committees are an important part of the Georgia legislature where smaller groups of lawmakers get together and hear all of the different merits of a bill and recommend whether or not it passes and should go before the larger chambers. Each committee is made up of a bipartisan group of lawmakers either in the House or the Senate, and they’re tasked with meeting to hear specific bills. The pros, the cons, if there’s…

  • Inside America’s Largest Right Wing Militia
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    Inside America’s Largest Right Wing Militia

    God is great and God is good; Let us thank him for our food. By his hands we are fed. Thank you Lord our daily bread. Amen. So you said you did the mile in seven minutes and fifty seconds? Fifty-five. That’s slower isn’t it? You got to push it. You don’t want to have nothing left in the tank when you’re done. Give it all you got. I remember when you brought home your first pocket Constitution. It said, “What form of government do we have in the United States of America?” It said we have a constitutional democracy. You know what form of government we really have? Here…

  • Georgia Legislative Updates 2017
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    Georgia Legislative Updates 2017

    There were some significant changes in the law for Weapons Carry License holders and for firearms owners in general in Georgia in 2017. We’re going to look at two specific House Bills: House Bill 280 and House Bill 292, both of which were signed by Governor Deal and both of which went into effect July 1st. Now House Bill 280 is what we call the Campus Carry bill. This bill applied to Georgia’s public colleges and universities—not private schools—public colleges and universities, but does allow for lawful Weapons Carry License holders to carry concealed handguns onto certain areas and spaces of Georgia’s public colleges and universities. Very important thing to…

  • Pro-Life Legislation feat. Georgia and Missouri
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    Pro-Life Legislation feat. Georgia and Missouri

    Hello again, so it’s kind of part two of my videos for today. This is where I kind of want to go more into my thought process of kind of sharing with you what’s on my mind, what I’ve been looking at in the news, what’s been happening and a little less structured a little less of, like, here’s my topic for today but more just “hey here’s what’s going on let me talk about it.” So we’ve had all these wonderful, amazing pro-life laws passed by different states and some of them are already being challenged in the courts but others haven’t yet or the challenges are coming there’s…