• Articles of Confederation
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    Articles of Confederation

    In class, we talked about the Declaration of Independence and you even created your own Declarations in an attempt to cut ties with someone or something you felt abridged your rights. So now that the colonies have formally declared themselves independent and sovereign from Great Britain, they needed to create a new government. This seems like a fairly easy undertaking, right? WRONG. The guidelines were this: Each state needed to make it’s own constitution basically an outline of the branches of government and some states even included a list of the rights and protections for the people. Each state needed to determine what the three branches could do—but that was…

  • The case for universal basic income | Steven Shafarman | TEDxMidAtlantic
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    The case for universal basic income | Steven Shafarman | TEDxMidAtlantic

    Translator: Michele Gianella Reviewer: Ellen Maloney Basic income is in the news, often called UBI, Universal – or unconditional – Basic Income. Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are promoting it. Keith Ellison, vice chair of the Democratic Party, has endorsed it. Hillary Clinton mentions it in her latest book. Pilot projects are underway or about to begin in Oakland and Stockton, California, and underway in Finland, Holland, Canada and Kenya. The idea is to set some amount, say $1,000 a month, and provide that to every adult citizen. The same amount for everyone. Funds would come from cutting programs that become superfluous. I’ve been a basic income activist for more…

  • Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School
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    Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School

    to anti gay teens were suspended for wearing Confederate flags to school this is in Washington in the suburbs of Seattle addicting info is reporting that school officials say they had warned the boys not to wear the flags because the flags are specifically prohibited in the dress code they were deemed disruptive and banned by the school and a a note when out saying from this point forward student in violation up the district dress code will be sent immediately to the office in parents contacted also clothing that promoter advertises drugs alcohol tobacco or sex are that displays representations of hate for anti-establishment like swastikas Confederate flags anarchism…

  • Will You Be Replaced? Dangers of Automation – Universal Basic Income
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    Will You Be Replaced? Dangers of Automation – Universal Basic Income

    robots are set to replace humans in the workplace by 2050 creating massive Unemployment Universal basic income may be the only answer to our problem Really really truly this can’t be the best solution the world can come up with humans have an uncanny ability to be incredibly versatile and creative while the robot has the ability to be many multiple times better than a human at a specific job it cannot do thousands upon thousands of tasks like a human and their creative ability is limited by what we give them to work with without human intervention robots would have no creativity problem-solving skills or capacity even roots teaching…

  • Intro to Universal Design
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    Intro to Universal Design

    hi welcome to an introduction to Universal Design for developers brought to you by GSA’s government-wide IT accessibility team and digitalgov together were hoping to share resources and guidance to help developers build more accessible IT products as web developers you know better than most what great websites look like you also understand the effort that goes into making them easy to use when you think about your favorite websites one thing they likely have in common is that they follow the principles of Universal Design Universal Design is a concept in which products and environments are designed to be usable by all people to the greatest extent possible without…

  • 20. Confederation
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    20. Confederation

    Prof: So today I’ve titled the lecture for today “Confederation,” but in a sense I’m going to be talking about something larger than that, and by the end of the lecture I’ll be talking about the Articles of Confederation. I’ll talk a little bit more about them on Thursday. But as I mentioned last Thursday, last Thursday’s lecture, today’s lecture and actually some of the few that are left — that are still to come–are all in one way or another dealing with big questions that were left looming after the fighting of the Revolution had passed. And we dealt with one of them on Thursday and that was the…

  • Interview: Search for a Diagnosis and the Importance of Early Intervention
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    Interview: Search for a Diagnosis and the Importance of Early Intervention

    WOMAN: I just had a gut feeling from, I’d say, maybe 10 or 11 months that there was something wrong. And I had spoken to my pediatrician about it, and, of course, my pediatrician knew nothing about autism or how to diagnose it. So she told me that it was probably just a phase, that he would grow out of it. And I should have gone with my gut feeling, because I waited about another five months before I took him for a hearing test to rule out being deaf or having a hearing problem, and then I had him evaluated. And that’s when I first found out that he…

  • Congressional Committees: Crash Course Government and Politics #7
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    Congressional Committees: Crash Course Government and Politics #7

    Hi, I’m Craig and this is Crash Course Government and Politics and today we’re going to get down and dirty wallowing in the mud that is Congress. Okay, maybe that’s a little unfair, but the workings of Congress are kind of arcane or byzantine or maybe let’s just say extremely complex and confusing, like me, or Game of Thrones without the nudity. Some of the nudity, maybe. However, Congress is the most important branch, so it would probably behoove most Americans to know how it works. I’m going to try to explain. Be prepared to be behooved. [Theme Music] Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are divided up…

  • The US Federal Court System: Why do the courts even matter?
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    The US Federal Court System: Why do the courts even matter?

    We’ve got courts full of judges, and judges full of judicial philosophies. But we’re talking about a bunch of old lawyers wearing funny costumes that I didn’t even get to vote for – are we sure that they’re all that relevant to my life? Well that’s a hard yes. The courts might be the most underrated branch of government when it comes to how much influence they have on your everyday life. While Congress is coming up with laws with a lot of fancy language you and I might never read, the courts help us figure out how federal law actually works IRL, using – well, still fancy language. Now…