• Hillsdale College’s Free Online Constitution Course
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    Hillsdale College’s Free Online Constitution Course

    We the people of the United States, in order to more form a more perfect union… Next to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution is the most important document in U.S. history and affects each of us every single day. But today many of us are unaware of how and why our freedom depends on it. Hillsdale College, America’s uniquely independent, classical liberal arts college, is offering a free online course, Constitution 101, for a limited time. You actually have to study some very fundamental things to learn the meaning of America and the causes of its Constitution. Without the Constitution and without a knowledge of the Constitution, we don’t…

  • “Our Embattled Constitution” – Harry V. Jaffa
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    “Our Embattled Constitution” – Harry V. Jaffa

    Larry Arnn: It is a student who introduces our speaker today. This man is my teacher. I wanted to introduce him because of that, and because any introduction or dealing with him presents certain pitfalls that a grownup can best handle, if anyone can handle them. Professor Jaffa is a famous conservative who is often critical of other conservatives. I am perhaps the most experienced man on earth in dealing with that problem, and I deal with it the best way possible, which is badly. But on the other hand, it happens that in those respects I am on his side, and I’ll explain that just for a minute. To…

  • Mike Pence – The Constitution and the Presidency
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    Mike Pence – The Constitution and the Presidency

    All of us students here at Hillsdale, study Pericles’ Funeral Oration. Thucydides records his words to the Athenians, “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike and yet not withstanding go out to meet it.” A year ago American Conservatives were in retreat and disarray. The media chanted to Republicans, “You must become moderates or go extinct. The spectra of our new president’s post Christian, post American role loomed in progressive dominated congress, courts and white house. It seemed like there was no line left for us to hold. A few leaders saw the personal and political dangers of…

  • The Legacy of the Federalist Papers
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    The Legacy of the Federalist Papers

    What is their legacy what were some final thoughts you have on these papers in their achievement and what they mean to america the the the federalist is Justin unmatched explanation what the intentions are the founders were when they designed our Constitution it’s one thing to have the Constitution but it’s another thing entirely to have at a a rationale a coherent well elaborated argument really a book from the people who help to design that document a to to yeah a book explaining what it’s for giving the reasonings up the up the up the delegates at the convention and thats that there’s nothing else like it there’s…

  • Read the Constitution Through the Founders’ Eyes
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    Read the Constitution Through the Founders’ Eyes

    The Federalist Papers were written in 1787 and 1788, and they are the foremost American contribution to political thought. They are one of the greatest books ever written. They were written as newspaper articles. There are 85 of them. They make a book about that thick, something like that, not that tall. It’s not that long to read them. But they are very deserving of study. They are important for a variety of reasons. They are important because they’re great. They’re important because they concern the most successful constitution in the history of the world. And they are important because of who wrote them. They were written by 3 people.…

  • Charles Krauthammer – Constitution Day Celebration 2011
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    Charles Krauthammer – Constitution Day Celebration 2011

    [MUSIC – “MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE”] (SINGING) My country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty. DOUG JEFFREY: Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention, again, please. First off, I’d like to welcome back our online audience. As you’ve heard, over 50,000 people registered online for tonight’s event. And second, for those of you here present, please continue with your coffee and desserts as we proceed. It’s my duty now to introduce, again, my boss– the president of Hillsdale College– for some remarks. And I thought I’d do that tonight by giving you an idea of how he manages the college. And in doing that, also draw…