• Talkernate History – Red Storm Rising
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    Talkernate History – Red Storm Rising

    max: Hello and welcome to Talkernate History, the podcast where we matt: Matt max: and Max talk about works of alternate history Alternate history scenarios and history in general This episode we’re going to be talking about What was at one point a work of speculative fiction and is now a work of alternate history and that’s Red Storm Rising matt: Yes Red Storm rising. This was written by Tom Clancy and A guy named Larry bond. This was published back in 1986 (max: yeah yeah) so before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union and and basically it’s about a non-nuclear Non-chemical World…

  • KRIA Icelandic Constitution Archives
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    KRIA Icelandic Constitution Archives

    In 2008 Iceland experienced one of the largest banking collapses in history. That is not where the story ends. Rather than falling back into the status quo, people took to the streets through non-violent protest. And demanded the resignation of the sitting government. Shockingly, this worked. Following that win for the people, Iceland held a National Assembly. Where 1,200 citizens were selected at random to discuss and collaborate on the most pressing needs of the society. One issue became apparent. Iceland needs its own constitution. In 2011, that’s just what happened. Through what would soon become one of the most democratically written constitutions in history, 25 individuals from across the…

  • ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s Constitution
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    ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s Constitution

    Hello. Welcome to this website-LSE IPA’s Crowdsourcing the United Kingdom Constitution. The reason we are doing this is simple- the United Kingdom doesn’t have a Constitution. It has no formal rules and regulations governing how the place is run and we want to change that. We want to change it with your help. We’re not relying on teams of experts, we’re not relying on the usual Professors gathered in a room, determining what it should be and then declaring it and this or that, soon to be ignored by paper. We’re involving the British public in the question- “What should go in the Constitution?”. We’re starting with a public meeting…

  • Google Docs & The Icelandic Constitution
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    Google Docs & The Icelandic Constitution

    So I’m Thorvaldur Gylfason, professor of economics at the University of Iceland. I was one of the 25 members of the Constitutional Assembly that drafted a post-crash constitution for Iceland, and we were delighted to use Google Docs in order to make our work easier. On many occasions, we saved time and energy by doing the drafting together–not necessarily sitting in the same room, it could be in different places, using Google Docs. I’m convinced that our constitution is a better document than it would have been without these technological advantages.