• Indian Republic Day and the Indian Constitution
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    Indian Republic Day and the Indian Constitution

    Namaskar Today we will talk about 26 January our Republic Day. We have been celebrating this day for years in India. However I have a question, we unfurl our National Flag on 15 August and we do the same on 26 January too. Is the importance of both the days the same? No. Both the celebrations are very different. Today I will tell you about 26 January. Long long ago, the British had captured India. Due to this Indians suffered through many atrocities. Indians fought many battles, struggled and made many sacrifices. Finally the British ruler had to accept defeat and leave India. We got Independence on 15 August 1947.…

  • Chapter 2 Federalism
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    Chapter 2 Federalism

    [Music] [Music] Glossary Central and State government working together people of particular country for example for example people of India are called Indians. Another example a person born and brought up in America is called an American. income or returns Levels – two or three tier Village Council City Council Topic of chapter two The topic for chapter two is Federalism. Across the world, various countries have two sets of governments that rule the country. One is the Central government and the other is the State government. Both the governments rule the country. For example, in India the major power lies with Central government which is in Delhi. The State…