• Andrew Yang on Universal Basic Income and Measuring Our Economic Health
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    Andrew Yang on Universal Basic Income and Measuring Our Economic Health

    -Thanks for making the time for us. So, you are — You’re in this thing. You’re polling higher than some governors, some congressmen, senators. And a lot of people, I think it’s safe to say, did not know who you were a very short time ago. -Yes, that’s fair to say. -And you’re running on this idea of a universal basic income, which is giving every American $1,000 a month. And are you worried that, because you’re polling higher that as other candidates get desperate, they’ll start offering $1,100 a month? -Well, that would be a version of victory, Seth. I’ve said for a while that I’m either going to…

  • Is Social Justice Just? Why Income Inequality is Just [POLICYbrief]
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    Is Social Justice Just? Why Income Inequality is Just [POLICYbrief]

    Social justice is the idea that everybody should be treated equal no matter what their virtue, no matter what their vices, no matter how much they, let’s say, in economics, produce. They should all be the same. So the more secular social justice movement is really animated primarily by this notion of equality, of, uh, equality of outcome, uh, whether it’s economic, uh, outcome or whether it’s social outcome. But they want equality of outcome. It’s this altruistic idea that those who create more, produce more, who make more, who have more, who have higher standing for whatever reason, should sacrifice what they have or should be forced to sacrifice…

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    Richard Wolff and Bob Hennelly talk about the Green New Deal

    We have been hearing stories about a proposal coming from the most progressive parts of the Democratic Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others, about a Green New Deal. I’m struck by that. I’m struck by putting these terms together: the New Deal, which really was a massive program to help working people, and green, a recognition of the ecological disaster we are living through. Tell us a little bit about why that’s in the news and what you as a labor reporter picked up on as this is being debated. Well unfortunately I think in our Twitter-verse that were in it kind of to a bad start because the right-wing reactionary…

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    Richard Wolff and Rob Robinson on Homelessness

    And what is this in an economic system that simply can’t solve a fairly obvious problem? So is it that we don’t have enough, Rick? Or is it that there isn’t the will to do it to fit the needs of the people, right? I would argue that will never build our way out of this problem. What we need to do is think a little differently and use vacant spaces, right? And I always use the foreclosure crisis during that time period because it’s a key indicator on how we operate as a society, right? During the financial crisis there were (in 2010) 14.4 million vacant homes, 2 million…