• Overview of fetal cardiac interventions
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    Overview of fetal cardiac interventions

    (bright music) – We perform two different types of fetal cardiac interventions. The first is for fetuses who have a narrowed aortic valve that look like they may develop hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which is a heart problem where the left-side of the heart is underdeveloped and the right-side of the heart has to do the work of two ventricles. That procedure, we open the aortic valve in the fetus to try to keep the left-side of the heart pumping for the body and the left-side of the heart growing normally. The second fetal cardiac intervention is performed when a fetus has hypoplastic left heart syndrome but does not have…

  • Function 5: Define the Intervention
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    Function 5: Define the Intervention

    Thanks for joining us today! Welcome to the Center for States video series on the seven functions of intervention selection, design and adaptation. This series is produced by The Capacity Building Center for States and funded by The Children’s Bureau. In this module, we will discuss how to define an intervention if adapting or designing an intervention is selected. As a reminder, teams should have already researched possible intervention options and assess the evidence, fit and feasibility of an intervention, determined whether to replicate, adapt, or design a completely new one before moving on to defining the intervention, developing a proposal and then further defining and operationalizing the intervention as…

  • Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) – Part 1
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    Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) – Part 1

    The following program is presented by the Injury Prevention Institute of the Emergency Nurses Association “SBIRT” stands for screening. How often you drink on a weekly basis Brief Intervention When you do drink, how many days? And referral to treatment. How many drinks you have at that time, how many days a week you drink. I’d like to think that even someone asking more of those questions would have made me look and say “what am I doing?” We do it without knowing we drink to the excessiveness where we get stupid or we just don’t care I believe. And that’s not even to say that what that particular behavior…

  • Intervention in Libya: Caused by Israel
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    Intervention in Libya: Caused by Israel

    Today we are forced to acknowledge that there is no concrete proof of the use of mercenary forces by Gadaffi. Yes, indeed, since your colleague also says that she has seen no mercenaries at all, and that all this was a legend spread by the media. Can you confirm this assertion? Absolutely, the work done by Donnatella, and it’s for that, that we have send investigators acting on-site, it was to see if we could really find mercenaries. This was not the case Notably, there was the case of a young Algerian, whose boss had to do a testimony how he had worked in a bakery. Well, he was suspected…

  • Consumption Wall – Urban Intervention (Aarhus University)
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    Consumption Wall – Urban Intervention (Aarhus University)

    “Could you have done without this piece of candy?” “Denmark is among the countries in the world with the highest consumption per capita” “Did you know that it takes 2,500 liters of water to produce a hamburger?” We could eat less. The Danish population eats a lot of meat, so I think we could eat less. What is your opinion about Denmark being one of the most consuming countries (per capita) in the world? It doesn’t really add up with the size of the country and everything. We throw away too much and have a substantial amount of waste. We take just because we can, not because we need it.…

  • Intercession or Intervention?
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    Intercession or Intervention?

    Para mi, los Lunes se han convertido en el mejor día para reflexionar Y cuando me encuentro reflexionando, empiezo a pensar en personas a quienes no he visto en algun tiempo y esto me recordó el mensaje de ayer en mi iglesia. Se trató sobre la interseción…y que hermoso es poder interceder por alguien aunque a veces ni se den cuenta. en algunas ocasiones estoy manejando y de pronto veo uno ambulancia o los bomberos y elevo uno oración por las personas involucradas. Ellos ni siquiera saben que lo estoy haciendo pero yo estoy intercediendo y mientras meditate en todo esto, se me vino a la mente la palabra INTERVENCION…

  • Instructional Process Within a Response to Instruction and Intervention Model
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    Instructional Process Within a Response to Instruction and Intervention Model

    Instructional process in an RTII model. Response to Instruction and Intervention, or RTII, is a multi-tiered system of supports that enables the early identification of student needs as well as the opportunity to match the type and intensity of instructional programming to those needs. The instructional process is a critical component of a well functioning RTII approach. And why was that your favorite part, Megan? This part? Yeah. Why was that your favorite part? Because all the bunnies were playing. All of the bunnies were playing. And if you were a bunny in this picture, what game do you think you would be playing? Quality, evidence-based core instruction and targeted…

  • Successful Drug Intervention: A Step-By-Step Guide
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    Successful Drug Intervention: A Step-By-Step Guide

    About 21.5 million adults in the U.S. become addicted to drugs or alcohol each year. There’s nothing more frustrating or helpless than watching someone you love become a victim of addiction. But don’t lose hope just yet. One of the most important lifelines for victims of substance abuse is an intervention. Let’s review the drug intervention process step by step. Find an Intervention Specialist The first step in staging a substance abuse intervention is getting into contact with a specialist. A specialist also knows exactly what strategies to use in order to defuse potentially challenging situations. Put Together an Intervention Team It’s important that an intervention involves all the people…