• Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo
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    Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo

    In its simplest form, writing is recording. But the best writing goes deeper. It comes from the human desire to communicate, to take an idea and express it for others to take in. What is Mona Lisa thinking about? I remember the day, how it affected my spirit. But for some people, the words don’t come out right. There is a wall between idea and expression. Grammar and spelling get in the way. Word recall is a barrier. That’s where CoWriter comes in. CoWriter sharpens writing like eyeglasses sharpen poor vision. They traveled 240,000 miles from Earth, and now CoWriter Universal works on just about any device you write with.…

  • Best Fisheye Lens for Smartphone – Apexel Universal HD 8mm Fisheye Lens
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    Best Fisheye Lens for Smartphone – Apexel Universal HD 8mm Fisheye Lens

    Hey guys, it’s Himanshu Dama and welcome to the review of Apexel 8mm fisheye lens for smartphones. For an avid smartphone photographer looking to push beyond the limits of the fixed focal length on their smartphone’s camera, Apexel fish eye lense is the way to go. This lens will give you a much wider angle to your shots similar to panoramic shots with a visual distortion. However unlike other fisheye lenses in the market with this lens you will not be left with a hemispherical image around its border. Apexel Fish eye lens will give you a clear 238 degree view without black circular border around the image. This is…

  • CF2 with Universal Fighting Engine – Integration Tutorial
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    CF2 with Universal Fighting Engine – Integration Tutorial

    Hi, I’m Digital Dan and welcome to my tutorial! Today I will show you how to use “Control Freak 2” with the “Universal Fighting Engine”! Import “Universal Fighting Engine” from the Asset Store… Import “Control Freak 2″… Click “Install”… Now, let’s install the integration package… Go to: main menu, “Control Freak 2”, “Installer”… Click “Install Add-Ons” and pick the “Universal Fighting Engine” add-on… Select “Universal Fighting Engine” configuration object and open the editor. Locate the “Input Options” section… Set “Input Manager” to “Control Freak”. Unfold the “Control Freak Preferences” section. Go to: U.F.E., Third Party Assets, Control Freak 2, Prefabs… Drag and drop one of the CF2 prefabs onto the…