• Equal Access for Deaf and Blind: Markey Legislation
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    Equal Access for Deaf and Blind: Markey Legislation

    One the twentieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which the first President George Bush signed into law underscoring the non-partisan nature of this vital issue At the time he said, let the shameful walls of exclusion finally come tumbling down… Twenty years ago The ADA mandated physical ramps into buildings. Today, individuals with disabilities need online ramps to the internet so that they can get to the web from wherever they happen to be… The bill we are considering today significantly increases accessibility for Americans with disabilities to the indispensable telecommunications and video technology tools of the twenty first century By making web access easier through improved user…

  • Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo
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    Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo

    In its simplest form, writing is recording. But the best writing goes deeper. It comes from the human desire to communicate, to take an idea and express it for others to take in. What is Mona Lisa thinking about? I remember the day, how it affected my spirit. But for some people, the words don’t come out right. There is a wall between idea and expression. Grammar and spelling get in the way. Word recall is a barrier. That’s where CoWriter comes in. CoWriter sharpens writing like eyeglasses sharpen poor vision. They traveled 240,000 miles from Earth, and now CoWriter Universal works on just about any device you write with.…

  • Broadband Universal Dongle for any SIM and any Newtork
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    Broadband Universal Dongle for any SIM and any Newtork

    This is our new GoBabyMobile 3.5G Universal Dongle. Also available in white. It’s a slim-line USB SIM free broadband modem which can be used with any SIM card from any network in the world. The Universal Dongle enables High Speed Downlink Packet Access, or HSDPA, high standard connectivity for your laptop or other mobile devices like the GoBabyMobile 3G Dongle MiFi. You will never need to buy another dongle again as all you will need at home or abroad is a data sim card for the network of your choosing. You’re no longer tied to a network, you can put any sim from any country into the GoBabyMobile 3.5G universal…