• Supreme Court Stories: Marbury v. Madison
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    Supreme Court Stories: Marbury v. Madison

    It goes back to the election of 1800, when Thomas Jefferson and the Democrat-Republicans beat the Federalists of John Adams. And it’s full of politics because Adams, the last time he was in office, appointed these judges. And when Jefferson came in, he decided he didn’t want those judges. Back then, the inauguration, the change of administration… it didn’t really happen until March, so you had this period where Congress was in session, but the president really hadn’t changed. In that two or three months, the Federalists and President Adams, who had just lost, they realized they’re about to become the minority party for the first time ever. And both…

  • McCulloch v. Maryland Summary | quimbee.com
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    McCulloch v. Maryland Summary | quimbee.com

    – [Narrator] McCulloch versus Maryland may appear to be an old esoteric case about bank charters and taxes. But it’s really about a power struggle of constitutional proportions between the States and the Federal Government. The consequences of that struggle continue to reverberate today. In 1816, Congress passed an act that created the Bank of the United States. A year later, the bank opened a branch in Maryland. To take a shot at the new, all-powerful federal government, Maryland passed an act in 1818 that imposed a $15,000 annual tax on all out-of-state banks operating in the State. The act appeared neutral on the service, but it practically targeted the…