• June 30, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video
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    June 30, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video

    This week, the House Education and Workforce Committee led by the GOP considered several bills that significantly undermined critical labor protections and weakened workers’ ability to organize. These anti-worker bills are yet another attack on the freedom to negotiate for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. These harmful policies must be prevented from becoming law. House and Senate committees approved vastly different approaches to the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration. The House, following President Trump’s lead, decided to pursue a risky path to privatization of the FAA, spinning it out to a quasi-private entity, which AFSCME opposes. The Senate renewed the FAA without the risky privatization scheme. Senate Majority…

  • Economic Update: Beyond Universal Basic Income [Trailer]
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    Economic Update: Beyond Universal Basic Income [Trailer]

    This Universal Basic income Idea is give everybody a cash outlet. Why is it being discussed now? Because there are now fears that we are about to enter into another period of time when capitalism as an economic system brings us technical improvements but the by product is unemployment. Long ago if we didn’t have capitalism we would have understood that the way you handle productivity is if it’s more productive let’s all work fewer hours. Then we don’t divide ourselves into those who keep the job and those who lose it. Because however much you may believe that the universal basic income is a decency provided to poor people,…

  • April 7, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video
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    April 7, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video

    The big news in Congress is the vote on President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch could not get the required 60 votes to be confirmed, so Republican leaders, they decided to change a long-time Senate rule to approve him with fewer votes. AFSCME opposes his nomination. We do so because he has consistently sided with corporations over workers and individuals.

  • June 9, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video
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    June 9, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video

    On Monday, President Trump kicked off his own “Infrastructure Week” by announcing support for legislation that would privatize our air traffic control systems. The president also touted a plan that would privatize new roads, water systems, and other infrastructure. Democratic leaders have proposed an alternative that will put $1 trillion dollars into needed infrastructure improvements and create many jobs.

  • 4 Tips For Avoiding Interventions & Interruptions During Labor
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    4 Tips For Avoiding Interventions & Interruptions During Labor

    If you’re interested in having a natural childbirth today, we’re going to be covering interventions and interruptions to help you succeed and getting that natural delivery Thanks for joining us today. I’m Sherry Hopkins. I’m a home birth midwife in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m joined by Cora. She is my daughter and she is also a home birth midwife at Well Rounded Momma as well as one of our massage therapists and placenta encapselators All the things… We do lots of things. If you find this video helpful like… Subscribe, hit the bell. We get a lot of clients that ask us, how do I have a successful natrual childbirth…

  • Universal Childcare
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    Universal Childcare

    Think electricity is too expensive? Or you’re paying too much for your for your rents and mortgages? Well, since 2012 the cost of childcare has been growing even faster. Too many parents are struggling to afford childcare, or find spaces for their kids. Universal, free primary and high school is a fundamental right. We believe it’s time for universal, free, public, childcare. We would give 3 and 4 year olds three days a week of free childcare and one day a week for 2 year olds. We’ll build 250 new public childcare centres in the inner-city, and the regions to ease the shortages. We’ll ensure that all childcare workers are…

  • Low Intervention Birthing Techniques
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    Low Intervention Birthing Techniques

    – Hi, I’m Seabrin Jensen. – And I’m Danae Young, and we have Courtney Caldwell today with us. And she is gonna go over low-intervention birth methods. And we’re in one of our labor suites. – Can you show us some different positions that a woman might be able to do while she’s pushing? – Sure. So this is probably one of the most common pushing positions that we use or that we see. These are foot pedals. We’ve got mom kind of in a semi-sitting position. In this position, a lot of ladies can actually grab behind their thighs as well and pull their thighs back just a little…