• Understanding the Constitution and its salient features
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    Understanding the Constitution and its salient features

    what are Salient Features of Indian Constitution, what is Parliamentary form of Government ?Why is Indian Constitution rigid as well as Flexible?what is Sovereign, Secular, Socialist , Demcratic and Republic under Indian Constitution ? Hello Guys this is Jolly Tewari from Lawsikho so today we are going to discuss about Constitution, Salient Features of Constitution (Part 1) so before starting my video kindly like and subscribe for more videos like this so lets start from here so what is Indian Constitution? Why it is so lenghty? Indian Constitution is lenghthiest constitution in the world . why it is lenghty because it has 12 schedules and it has 448 Articles, how…

  • Missouri Legislative Updates 2017
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    Missouri Legislative Updates 2017

    Hi, I’m John Schleiffarth, Independent Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield in Missouri. I’m coming to you with a legislative update about proposed bills that could become law in Missouri. The first one I want to talk about is House Bill 458. House Bill 458 would add additional protections for citizens who own firearms and would like to keep them in their car on an employer-owned parking lot. The bill would prevent employers from retaliating against employees who have guns that they bring with them in their cars to work. This is a good bill. It looks like it may pass. The next bill I’d like to discuss is House Bill…

  • Anti-SLAPP legislation debated in British Columbia
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    Anti-SLAPP legislation debated in British Columbia

    Mr. Speaker: Member for Saanich North and the Islands. Yes, thank you Mr. Speaker It’s my pleasure to stand today and speak to Bill 2, the Protection of Public Participation Act of 2019. I think that it’s important to frame my very brief comments on this bill with the amount of correspondence that I have received in support of the legislation that was proposed last year, as was raised by the member who spoke previously. I know that this is an issue — the SLAPP suits, anti-SLAPP legislation or the Protection of Public Participation Act that we see in front of us today to debate — that is of particular…

  • If Christ Dies as Proxy for All Humanity, Why Isn’t Universal Salvation the Result?
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    If Christ Dies as Proxy for All Humanity, Why Isn’t Universal Salvation the Result?

    The question I have is, if the basis on which Jesus becomes our proxy pertains to the Incarnation and potentially baptism, would that not entail that he stands in as proxy for all humanity, and therefore all humanity is atoned? Yes; this is a very very interesting question. Again, one of the objections raised by Socinus says that if Christ died for all persons and paid the penalty for their sins, then why isn’t universal salvation the result? Why are some people still damned? This is not an objection to penal substitution as such; this is an argument concerning the extent of the atonement. And reformed theologians like [inaudible] actually…

  • Riane Harper ’17 on why she’s a fan of “Legislation and the Regulatory State”
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    Riane Harper ’17 on why she’s a fan of “Legislation and the Regulatory State”

    I am a big fan of the Legislation and the Regulatory State class as a 1L. I think it’s one of the most important classes that you can take at NYU, and I don’t just say that as a government nerd. I did not actually know that much about how the US government is structured, and all the different ways that agencies have to interact with the public and with the judiciary before I took the class. It was a huge help to understand why I was doing the things I did when I worked in the federal government, and it was really useful, I think, to understanding how to…

  • Indian Citizenship Act | Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship | Sec 3 – 10
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    Indian Citizenship Act | Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship | Sec 3 – 10

    Hey everybody this is Priya! and you are watching Finology Legal In the previous we have learnt that the Citizenship issue in India has been discussed in two places First in Constitution of India and in Citizenship act In our constitution, the citizenship issue has been discussed from Article no.5 to 11 But this whole part answers only 1 question, that is on 26 January 1950 who all will be known as Indian citizens Apart from that one question all other questions are discussed in The Citizenship Act And recognizing by Marks perspective or exam purpose, for the citizenship issue The Citizenship Act is more important than the Constitution for…

  • Georgia Legislative Updates 2017
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    Georgia Legislative Updates 2017

    There were some significant changes in the law for Weapons Carry License holders and for firearms owners in general in Georgia in 2017. We’re going to look at two specific House Bills: House Bill 280 and House Bill 292, both of which were signed by Governor Deal and both of which went into effect July 1st. Now House Bill 280 is what we call the Campus Carry bill. This bill applied to Georgia’s public colleges and universities—not private schools—public colleges and universities, but does allow for lawful Weapons Carry License holders to carry concealed handguns onto certain areas and spaces of Georgia’s public colleges and universities. Very important thing to…

  • Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017
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    Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017

    Hello. This is Robert Robles, attorney for U.S. LawShield in Oklahoma. I’m going to review the highlights of the 2017 Oklahoma Legislature, and their activities concerning gun laws in the state of Oklahoma that take effect November 1, 2017. I’m going to read them to you. And there are nine separate gun laws. Number 1 – Senate Bill 35: Active military may carry a firearm out using a military ID, plus an Oklahoma photo ID. Number 2 – Senate Bill 36: Definition of a pistol was amended to allow single or multiple projectiles from a single round of ammunition. Number 3 – Senate Bill 40: Felony Pointing, Section 1289.25 amended.…