• UNCRPD: What is Article 12 and Legal Capacity?
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    UNCRPD: What is Article 12 and Legal Capacity?

    let’s have a closer look at that article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities the UNCRPD The UNCRPD is a binding united nations human rights treaty for persons with disabilities signed and ratified by almost all EU Member States and the EU itself Article 12 of the UNCRPD wants to ensure that every person with disabilities including people with psychosocial disabilities may enjoy equal recognition before the law which requires legal capacity legal capacity is an inherent right that everyone it’s different to mental capacity which is an individual’s capacity to make decisions which can vary from person to person Amy and Victor are…

  • Essential Legislative Updates for Peace Officers
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    Essential Legislative Updates for Peace Officers

    Welcome to essential legal updates for peace officers working patrol. This screencast includes some of the changes to Texas law made by the 86th session of the Texas Legislature, most of them effective September 1, 2019, and it’s designed to highlight some of the offenses and situations most likely to be encountered by a patrol officer or deputy. Several sources were used for this screencast including the ones pictured, but don’t take my word for it. Always consult applicable statutes, case law and your appropriate county, district or municipal attorney for guidance in the application and enforcement of criminal and procedural law. Once again, this screencast includes only highlights and…

  • Originalism v. a Living Constitution
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    Originalism v. a Living Constitution

    One of the biggest debates in law is whether we should view the U.S. Constitution, which is really the, American rule book, the contract we have with our government, as a living or dead document. Those who view it as a living document, note that the constitution has many vague terms and that those terms can adapt as society and technology change. Those who believe in a dead constitution, who are also known as originalists, view that the constitution as something frozen in time, and if you want to change it, you can change it through the article five amendment process, as the case Lawrence v. Texas illustrates. If you…

  • “under the Constitution you have no right” – “they want their heads read” Kerry Packer
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    “under the Constitution you have no right” – “they want their heads read” Kerry Packer

    we got all the photographs down oh man we could get down to actually being serious about it rather than just being a circus first of all I declare open this afternoon’s proceedings of the print media inquiry and welcome mr. Carey pack of the chairman of the Australian consolidated press mr. packer could you please state your full name and a capacity in which you appear this afternoon place Carey Francis Paul Moore Packer I appear here this afternoon reluctantly if you exercise the rights for the pre-emptive purchase of the junk bond holders what what effect does that have on the shareholding structure of to ring as we…

  • Introduction to Legislative Outlook on Lexis Advance® – Show Me How Video Series
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    Introduction to Legislative Outlook on Lexis Advance® – Show Me How Video Series

    Introduction to Legislative Outlook This is a short video on Legislative Outlook on Lexis Advance. The Legislative Outlook feature allows you to determine the probability of passage for each future stage in the legislative process and to gain insight into whether or not pending legislation has a likelihood of passage or failure. This will greatly assist in reducing the time needed to analyze legislation. The Legislative Outlook feature is available for all pending legislation. Begin by pulling up a pending state or federal bill. The document has a section called Progress, showing the percentage the bill has to progress to the next stage of the legislative process. This is not…

  • Roe v. Wade: The Power of a Law Review
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    Roe v. Wade: The Power of a Law Review

    There were plenty of articles leading up to Roe versus Wade proposing ways to make abortion a constitutional right. There was a law professor named Roy Lucas at the University of Alabama Law School. He published an article in the, uh, North Carolina Law Review that advocated and sought judicial intervention with respect to the abortion statutes. There were a group of legal scholars and a group of lawyers who were absolutely persuaded that the process of reaching a sufficient consensus that you could enact legislation was too slow. It was too important. We needed to move forward, and the best way to do that is through the courts. Roy…

  • inVENT Universal Phone Vent Holder
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    inVENT Universal Phone Vent Holder

    Keep your phone close at hand and safely in view while driving with the inVENT Universal Phone Vent Holder. The inVENT mount features a robust metal arm that hooks on to your vehicle vent, with a plastic spring-loaded holding block securing it in place that is compatible with most cars. A pair of adjustable padded arms allows you to rest the mount against your dash or centre console, taking pressure off the vents themselves – allowing for a safer and more secure hold. This position is ideal for holding your smartphone hands free, when you decide to utilise it as a Sat Nav – so you are legal and more…

  • Constitution and its Salient Features Part 3
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    Constitution and its Salient Features Part 3

    What our directive principles of state policy what is adult suffrage what is, why is Indian Constitution Quasi Federal?what is Judicial Review? Hello Guys this is Jolly Tewari from Lawsikho, TodayWe are going to discuss about salient features of Indian Constitution part threeWe already discussed about salient features in part 1 and part 2 nowThis is the last part of those features So before starting our videoI would like you all to just click on the bell button to subscribe on my channel for watching more videos like thisSo let’s start. So what is directive? What are the directive principle of state policy? Are these Enforceable in our Constitution like…