• Real Lawyer Reacts to The Simpsons (Itchy & Scratchy Trial)
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    Real Lawyer Reacts to The Simpsons (Itchy & Scratchy Trial)

    – [Narrator] Thanks to Dashlane for keeping Legal Eagle in the air. – So you don’t work on a contingency basis? – No, money down. Oops shouldn’t have this Bar Association logo here either. (tearing) (chewing) – Yeah, he’s just the best worst lawyer of all time. (playful music) Hey Legal Eagles, it’s time to think like a lawyer, and today we are covering one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite series of all time, it’s The Simpsons and it’s episode where Itchy and Scratchy get taken to court for copyright infringement. It’s called The Day the Violence Died, and while I will be reacting to it,…

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    Real Lawyer Reacts to My Cousin Vinny (The Most Accurate Legal Comedy?)

    – I’m holding you in contempt of court. – Well, there’s a (bleep) surprise. – What’d you say? (lawyer laughs) – What? – What’d you just say? – Don’t talk back to the judge, quit while you’re ahead. Or quit while you’re slightly behind. This movie is so great. (bright music) Hey legal eagles, it’s time to think like a lawyer All right, animated, smile more. Today we are covering My Cousin Vinny one of my favorite legal movies of all time. And if there is one question I get more than any other it is… – What are you wearing? – Indochino. Let me try that again. If there…