• Will You Be Replaced? Dangers of Automation – Universal Basic Income
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    Will You Be Replaced? Dangers of Automation – Universal Basic Income

    robots are set to replace humans in the workplace by 2050 creating massive Unemployment Universal basic income may be the only answer to our problem Really really truly this can’t be the best solution the world can come up with humans have an uncanny ability to be incredibly versatile and creative while the robot has the ability to be many multiple times better than a human at a specific job it cannot do thousands upon thousands of tasks like a human and their creative ability is limited by what we give them to work with without human intervention robots would have no creativity problem-solving skills or capacity even roots teaching…

  • AI Playing Games: Crash Course AI #12
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    AI Playing Games: Crash Course AI #12

    Jabril: D7 John-Green-bot: Miss. John-Green-bot: I-9 Jabril: NOOOOOOOOOO Hey, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI! John-Green-bot might struggle with some things like natural language processing and moving through the real world, but using AI he’s pretty good at board games. AI researchers spend a LOT of time trying to teach AI how to beat humans at games, & this isn’t just because games are fun. Games provide constrained scenarios for testing new AI algorithms and approaches. In a game, it’s easy to know whether the AI is winning or losing, because there’s usually a score or some objective measure of “winning.” This is great because AI learns from…

  • Can robots take care of the elderly?
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    Can robots take care of the elderly?

    My seven love bill J. Yeah, she was agent one life she was It’s loneliness a big problem amongst your generation I mean you know they are because no one ever comes to visit. You know they they never seen that one you know and then They go down to town about once a week. That’s why we use I’m Shelby and I say life You know what about the idea of a robot for a companion? What’s that my little female? You haven’t drunk anything for two hours Hello papa hello We could do this forever oh no we could The elderly population is growing it’s a real problem,…

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    What Can Machine Learning Tell Us About U.S. Legislation?

    Text analysis like many different methods in research came at the intersection of opportunity and necessity I’m Andrew Ballard I’m a first year assistant professor in the department of government in the School of Public Affairs there are so many political texts to take an example the Affordable Care Act even the condensed version was more than a thousand pages it’s not possible to read through and actually analyze as humans all of the text that politicians and that the political atmosphere creates what I mean by text analysis is looking at the frequency of different words to try and look at the different categories or topics that are inherent…

  • Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9
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    Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9

    Hey, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI. Say I want to get a cookie from a jar that’s on a tall shelf. There isn’t one “right way” to get the cookies. Maybe I find a ladder, use a lasso, or build a complicated system of pulleys. These could all be brilliant or terrible ideas, but if something works, I get the sweet taste of victory… and I learn that doing that same thing could get me another cookie in the future. We learn lots of things by trial-and-error, and this kind of “learning by doing” to achieve complicated goals is called Reinforcement Learning. INTRO So far, we’ve talked…