• Universal News Volume 17, Release 302. June 12, 1944
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    Universal News Volume 17, Release 302. June 12, 1944

    [Instrumental Music] The most powerful invasion air force ever launched. Some of the eleven thousand planes that opened the path through the so called impregnable Atlantic wall. [Bombs bursting] Between La Havre and Cherbourg in Normandy the Allied lightning strikes. [Planes and bombs bursting] Communications necessary to the German defenses are blasted. [Plane and gunshot sounds] And now, back in England a fifty mile long air train gets under way. Yank paratroopers receive last minute instructions before taking off for the invasion coast, one hundred miles across the English channel. These are the heroes who established first contact with the enemy. As the transports take off, General Barrattin wishes them…

  • Universal Newsreel Volume 40, Release 24, 03/21/1967 (Vietnam excerpt)
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    Universal Newsreel Volume 40, Release 24, 03/21/1967 (Vietnam excerpt)

    A battalion of U.S. First Air Cavalry clashes with North Vietnamese regulars in a central coastal plain near Bong Son. Heavy and accurate sniper fire, zeroed in by telescopic sights, keeps our forces pinned down and dug in. Supporting fire from airmobile gunships helps to drive off the Cong, estimated to number about 150. After the fighting, copters put down to evacuate the wounded. Two Americans were listed as dead. One was a machine gunner and the second, his company commander, who took over the machine gun from his fallen comrade and was killed himself. Thirteen GIs were wounded. Four enemy soldiers were counted among the casualties.

  • Universal Newsreel Volume 26, Release 511, October 22, 1953
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    Universal Newsreel Volume 26, Release 511, October 22, 1953

    Korea remembers the 34,000 South Koreans who fell in the last year of the war, with a memorial ceremony led by President Syngman Rhee. He is joined by his allies; with General Maxwell Taylor, commander of the eighth army, offering a silent prayer. A courageous leader joins his people in their morning the sound of guns has been stilled in Korea, but the scars of bereavement are written on the faces of the citizens of a ravaged land. Few indeed need are the families of that tragic country who have not felt the cruel hand of war and the loss of a loved one. Here’s the roster of the widows…

  • Universal News Volume 32, Release 15, February 19, 1959
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    Universal News Volume 32, Release 15, February 19, 1959

    (Music playing) (silence – sound missing) …will carry it aloft. This satellite’s electric eyes will scan the earth’s cloud cover, broadcasting data never before attainable. The weather station’s batteries will last only 2 weeks but it will usher in a new era of global weather forecasting. A scientific triumph for the new civilian space agency, the launching is a vindication for the sleek 3-stage Vanguard space vehicle, one of the most technically sophisticated of the space rockets, the misfortune plagued Vanguard six times failed in widely publicised launching attempts. Only once placed a 3 pound baby moon in orbit. But on this day, the Vanguard outdoes her designers’ hopes. She…

  • Universal News, Volume 5, Release 196, Stories #1-9. November 9, 1933
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    Universal News, Volume 5, Release 196, Stories #1-9. November 9, 1933

    [music] [Narrator] These Iowa farmers have armed themselves to oppose the farm strike.They call themselves “the law and order league” and they’re guarding farm product shipments through the picket lines. Meanwhile, reconstruction work is going ahead rapidly on the railroad and highway bridges burned by the farm strikers several days ago in a desperate effort to halt the movement of farm produce. Anti-picketing sympathy is growing stronger among the farm residents of this section and the resumption of shipments is a welcome sight for the majority of them. But, the trouble is not over yet – no, not by a long shot. [music] [Narrator] Representatives of every Indian tribe in…

  • Alexander Hamilton on Finance, Credit, and Debt
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    Alexander Hamilton on Finance, Credit, and Debt

    good afternoon everyone I’d like to welcome you all to the William G McGowan theater here at the National Archives Building in Washington DC I’m Doug Swanson visitor services manager for the National Archives Museum and the producer of the public I’m sorry the noontime lecture series before we begin today’s program I’d just like to remind you of some other programs that will be taking place this location tomorrow Thursday March 15th at noon there will be a film screening of from the vaults remembering Vietnam this is the second screening in a series of archival selections from the National Archives motion picture holdings related to the war in…

  • Teaching with the Records of Congress
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    Teaching with the Records of Congress

    This is a rerecording of the webinar Teaching with the Records of Congress a presentation offered by the Center for Legislative Archives for educators on Thursday April 18, 2019. The Center for Legislative Archives, part of the National Archives and Records Administration preserves and makes available the historical records of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Educators can use these historical documents to teach about representative democracy, how Congress works, and the important role Congress has played throughout American history. What do we mean when we say the records of Congress? Well since 1789 Congress has legislated, held hearings, or debated nearly every subject you…

  • The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution
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    The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution

    >>David Ferriero: Good evening. I’m David Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States. Welcome to the McGowan Theater. A special welcome to those who are joining us on our YouTube channel. We are very pleased tonight to host Joseph Ellis to launch the publication of his new book “The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution. We are all familiar with the first American Revolution which broke the bonds between the 13 colonies and Great Britain but once independence was won, how would the new nation survive? “The Quartet” tells the story of those who shaped the government that we still have today. Tonight’s conversation with Professor Ellis is but one…

  • Join Our National Conversations on #RightsAndJustice
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    Join Our National Conversations on #RightsAndJustice

    (Rep. Lewis) The Constitution is a living document. It is not static. As citizens, we need to make it real. Not just for some of us but for all of us. The phrase “with liberty and justice for all” means all. We’re one people, we’re one family. We’re the American Family. (Cokie Roberts) The discovery of an individuals liberty is one of the foundational values of being an American citizen. America has been struggling to define the rights and justices associated with that liberty since the creation of it’s constitution. From this struggle evolved the monumental bill of rights and 17 more amendments to define and protect our liberties. Over…