• Adam Ruins Everything – How America Created the “Model Minority” Myth | truTV
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    Adam Ruins Everything – How America Created the “Model Minority” Myth | truTV

    Boy, I’m sure glad we left the pool party, Trey. Math homework is way more fun! Computer, that’s the first thing you’ve ever said that doesn’t add up. (canned laughter) You’re so studious, Computer. Trey, you could learn a thing or two from his people. They’re very wise. (canned laughter) Whoa, time out! (whistle blowing) Here we go again! TV and movies are rampant with Asian stereotypes. Especially the idea that Asian people are some kind of “model minority.” Smart, successful, polite, obedient, and of course, inherently good at math. What’s the big deal? Those are all compliments. Well, these “compliments” actually originated in a government propaganda campaign. And not…

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    Silver lining in Epstein saga New focus on victims rights .

    Silver lining in Epstein saga New focus on victims rights . Desktop notifications are on | Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post Turn on desktop notifications? If there was a silver lining to the saga, attorneys for the women said, it was the emphasis on the victims that permeated the most recent proceedings — a night and day difference from their treatment the first time Epstein found himself under federal investigation. That enthusiasm was dampened Monday when a federal judge in Florida denied Epsteins accusers compensation from the U.S. Justice Department, even after ruling that prosecutors violated their rights by failing to consult them about the 2008 plea…

  • Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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    Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The American Civil War ended in 1865. And a new conflict immediately began. The North won the first war. The South won the second. To truly understand American history, one needs to understand how this happened, and why. The years immediately following the end of the Civil War—1865 to 1877—are known in American history as “Reconstruction.” What should have been a glorious chapter in America’s story—the full integration of 3.9 million freed slaves—instead became a shameful one. It began with the assassination of Republican president Abraham Lincoln. One week after the Civil War effectively ended, the one man with the political savvy and shrewdness to have guided Reconstruction was gone.…

  • Constitution Panel Discussion
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    Constitution Panel Discussion

    – Good afternoon. Hello, my name’s Owen Young. I would like to welcome you to our Constitution Day Program, presented to you by the Office of Student Activities, and co-sponsored by Queensborough Mock Trial Team. I am one of the captains from last year’s Mock Trial Team, and I’m also the current president of QCC Mock Trial Association. I will be today’s moderator. We are fortunate to have with us a panel of assistant professors from the Business Department, each of whom is an attorney who will discuss our nation’s Constitution. At this time, I would like to introduce to you the members of our panel. Professor Ted Rosen, Professor…

  • Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 2
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    Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill- First Reading – Video 2

    I came in this build of the house okay the question is that the motion be agreed to those that opinion will say aye to the contrary no the eyes have it so no party boat is called for the clerk will conduct a party vote New Zealand national 56 votes opposed New Zealand Labour forty six votes in favor New Zealand first favor Green Party eight votes in favor ex New Zealand any other votes the eyes are 63 the nose are 56 the motion is agreed to education teaching counsel about it or amendment bill first reading the question is that the education teaching counsel of outer our…

  • 23. Creating a Constitution
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    23. Creating a Constitution

    Prof: Before we begin, I have to make a true confession to you, my class, because you’re my class, and I have been confessing things all semester but this is– I basically set myself up for this failure and then realized– at the end of the class someone came up to me and asked me a question, and then I realized–Gaa! Okay. So remember how I told you how at UVA for five straight years I forgot Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, even though everything closed? Yeah. Guess what I didn’t say on Tuesday? I forgot it was Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. [laughter] I completely forgot. Someone came up at the end and…

  • Legislative review
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    Legislative review

    Let me tell you about the Statistics Act. It sets out the law for official statistics and it enables Stats New Zealand to provide access to data for research and analysis in carefully controlled situations. But the Act is now over 40 years old. It was designed in the early 1970s when we did most things on paper, desktop computers were only just becoming a thing, and mobile phones were a bit like bricks. The Act has done well though, but it’s definitely aging. Without change it could inhibit the value of data. We need new data and statistics legislation that better reflects the world we live in today, and…

  • The New “Bill Of Rights of Information Society”
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    The New “Bill Of Rights of Information Society”

    MALE SPEAKER: It’s great to have Raj Reddy here. Now, I was doing a Google search of all things, and I came across an interesting fact. In 2004, Gross, Politzer and Wilczek won the Nobel Prize in physics for the work on strong force that binds quarks together. Now, I also discovered that Raj Reddy had nothing to do with that group, and he has never won the Nobel prize in physics. Although he has won just about every prize in computer science that counts, including the most important one, The Turing award, as well as the Okawa prize, the Honda prize and the French Legion of Honor award. Now,…

  • NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | The 20 Most Important CHANGES
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    NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | The 20 Most Important CHANGES

    Hello and welcome, my name is Yves Ton-That from Expert Golf and today I’ll give you an overview of the rules changes for 2019. You may have heard that new rules apply from 2019. In this video, I’ll be giving you a summary of the twenty most important changes. If you think they are hard to remember, please check out my “Golf Rules Quick Reference” which contains a summary of these changes as well as all other applicable rules. That way you always have them with you on the course for easy reference. And now let’s take a look at the changes. From 2019, you only have 3 minutes to…

  • Social Assistance (Residency Qualification) Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 10
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    Social Assistance (Residency Qualification) Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 10

    one two idea and I’m very very proud to stand here and commend this bill to the House Speaker I call Simeon Brown thank you madam Speaker and mr. Greg O’Connor who just sat down was talking complaining I thought about the limited amount of time that he had to speak and he left a minute on the clock and I was just about to jump to my feet at the end of his speech and seek leave at this house to give him an additional five minutes but I’m not sure whether that would have been granted but I met and madam Speaker it’s a pleasure to take a…