• Was Obama Right About Gun Control?
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    Was Obama Right About Gun Control?

    On the 5th January 2016, President Obama unveiled new gun control laws, to protect American citizens. The President announced his executive orders to forcibly implement new gun control measures, bypassing Congess’ opposition to these changes. Obama wants to control the sale of firearms at gun shows and flea markets, so that all sellers must be registered and licensed, and put in place mandatory background checks on buyers. In an emotional plea, Obama recalled the events of the Sandy Hook Massacre, street violence in Chicago and other recent killings, to stop the loss of innocent lives. But millions of right-wing supporters claim that Obama’s decision is an infringement of the second…

  • No More Talk, Where is Obama’s Gun Control Legislation?
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    No More Talk, Where is Obama’s Gun Control Legislation?

    so obviously we had to be shooting in connecticut on friday and uh… we’ve got all of which is in the political world tell us don’t do anything not now not now why because this is the time when we’re most likely to do something this were mad and we want to what went wrong now are producer on the t_v_ side of the current television show that we do rolling werner put the other video present all mama speaking about the kids who’d been killed in connecticut and try to put their pictures to it stuff to watch together here in memory of the report shown charlotte uh… to…