• Universal Orlando Resort – Vacation Planning Video
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    Universal Orlando Resort – Vacation Planning Video

    There’s something new and different in Orlando. An entire universe of fun thrills and excitement you won’t find anywhere else. Welcome to Universal Orlando an unforgettable vacation destination where you’ll experience the world’s two most amazing theme parks. Universal Studios and our new Islands of Adventure theme park. Nonstop nightlife at our CityWalk entertainment complex. World class on-site hotels and more all in one convenient location. Plus your going to learn how you can enjoy Universal Express ride access and go on all your favorite rides and attractions without waiting in the regular attraction lines. Hi, I’m Kristen I’m a tour guide here at Universe Orlando. If you’re looking for…

  • Bake Your Own Pie: The Inequality of Value Creation
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    Bake Your Own Pie: The Inequality of Value Creation

    So in my view, when people earn money by creating value, who are we to then come and say, “We need to take your money away,” in the name of what? To give it to somebody else who hasn’t created that value. We often hear this analogy of a pie. You know? Yo- y- y- a bunch of friends get together and there’s a discussion about how you’re gonna divide the pie. And the assumption is always you should divide it up about equally because, you know, we’re all a bunch of friends, and we’re all gonna eat about the same, and that seems right. And we assume that wealth…