• Vic Mensa Wears Confederate Dress In New Video
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    Vic Mensa Wears Confederate Dress In New Video

    you hey good evening boss hogg on a Thursday evening this is the star report all right late night start tonight busy busy day hearing Atlanta GA and I was at the gym I took it to the next level let me just say that I’m now um I’m uh what is this way Baalak ripped that’s what I’m on now huh I’ve stepped it up and I sent my trainer an email Paul he did not get back to me with regards to creatine I think I’m I think I’m really ready to get like it’ll buff anyway welcome to the show that never ends I’m charged tonight I…

  • Does Cuba Gooding Jr. Need An Intervention?
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    Does Cuba Gooding Jr. Need An Intervention?

    okay good evening this is the star report on a Wednesday evening I’m in the building late night edition I’m your host Troy Terrain aka star your new life coach I’m as serious as colon cancer I thought about it since I made the reference you know the other day and I got a really nasty email from someone who knows me from my past and she’s upset that I’m still alive so that’s part of the motivation yes Troy terrain life coach I want to talk to you about that this evening I’m gonna need a promoter here in the Atlanta area that can assist me with organizing an…

  • ‘Common Law’ S2 E3: The Road Not Taken After the Civil War
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    ‘Common Law’ S2 E3: The Road Not Taken After the Civil War

    [MUSIC PLAYING] RISA GOLUBOFF: Hello and welcome back to Common Law, a podcast from the University of Virginia School of Law. I’m Risa Goluboff, dean of the law school. LESLIE KENDRICK: And I’m Leslie Kendrick, the vice dean. You may have heard this season’s all about when law changed the world. We’ve been talking about the power of legal action to make change. RISA GOLUBOFF: So far, Leslie, we’ve talked mostly about how lawyers and courts have helped make some positive changes, like rolling back. America’s smoking habit or expanding civil rights and civil liberties during the Cold War and after World War II. But in this episode, we’re talking…

  • ZOMBIELAND: Is It Deep or Dumb? – Wisecrack Edition
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    ZOMBIELAND: Is It Deep or Dumb? – Wisecrack Edition

    Hey Wisecrack, Helen here. When you spend as much time thinking about movies as we do, sometimes you wonder if you’re just plain overthinking. Is You Got Mail a fun-loving rom-com or an Orwellian masterpiece? Is Hairspray a metaphor for the Cold War? And what’s the super secret meaning at the heart of The Sandlot? This is all to say — sometimes when you read a text too deeply, you go a bit cross-eyed. Which brings us to Zombieland, which we’ve probably watched dozens of times at this point. On the surface, the film seems like a pretty typical mainstream horror-comedy, leaning more on quippy one-liners than on plot or…

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    Architects of Woke: Chapo Trap House & the Marxist Vanguards for Alienated Millennials

    Let me tell you about a podcasting phenomenon. A show that, within three years, grows from lo-fi youtube live stream into the most popular podcast on Patreon, a million-dollar behemoth with over 100 thousand listeners per episode, that sells out live shows all over the world, and secures endorsements from celebrity comedians and journalists. What does this vital new voice have to say? Welcome to the world of Chapo Trap House. Birthed during the 2016 primary battle by three twitter friends, bonded by an enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, Chapo updates the socialist manifesto for alienated millennials. Its tenets: Jobs are evil. Entrepreneurs are hucksters. You are owed a life of…

  • Will Falk: We Know What Must Be Done (Sabotage)
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    Will Falk: We Know What Must Be Done (Sabotage)

    I argue for direct confrontation with the forces that are destroying the planet I think that the best way to the only way that we’re gonna save the planet is if we dismantle industrial infrastructure you know the we know what is destroying the world we know that the combustion of fossil fuels is producing climate change for example we know that the you know that the expansion of agricultural operations of industrialization destroys habitat for the species we share this beautiful planet with we know what is causing the problems and if we’re going to if we’re going to stop environmental destruction we have to actually stop environmental destruction…

  • On Common Ground – Episode 3: Community and Law Enforcement Engagement
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    On Common Ground – Episode 3: Community and Law Enforcement Engagement

    (Opening Music) Welcome to the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service podcast series, “On Common Ground.” This series of podcasts is intended to profile successful problem-solving approaches to common challenges confronting cities and towns throughout the country and to further cultural professionalism. Hi, I’m Linda Ortiz. I’m a Conciliation Specialist at the Department of Justice Community Relations Service. Today, we’ll be exploring best practices and models for community and law enforcement engagement. I’m joined by Jennifer Murray, who’s the Deputy County Administrator for Sonoma County. Jennifer, welcome to the program. Hi, Linda. Thanks for this opportunity. Jennifer, why don’t you describe a bit the circumstances that led to the…