• Dave Harris – “Universal Experiences”
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    Dave Harris – “Universal Experiences”

    The painter Felrath Hines wanted his imagery to remain universal and not to be seen as having relevance exclusively to black social causes or to African Americans. As a result, he refused to participate in the Whitney Museum of Art’s landmark exhibit, Contemporary Black Artists in America. Draw straight black lines on sharp white linen. Right angles and boxes to separate the colored space from the clean fabric. Dry red liquid enclosed in black, surrounded by white, squares on a rectangle. The body is a box. The body goes in a box. Everybody knows the names of the boys who I now assume are buried in boxes. A box is…

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam:  (8 of 8)
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    Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam: (8 of 8)

    (applause) Lin-Manuel Miranda: I’m thrilled the White House called me tonight because I’m actually working on a hip-hop album. It’s a concept album about the life of someone I think embodies hip-hop Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton. (laughter) You laugh, but it’s true! He was born a penniless orphan in St. Croix of illegitimate birth, became George Washington’s right-hand man, became Treasury Secretary, caught beef with every other founding father. And all in the strength of his writing, I think he embodies the world’s ability to make a difference. So I’m going to be doing the first song from that tonight. I’m accompanied by Tony and Grammy music director Alex Lacamoire.…