• #EUArchives – Founding fathers of the European Union: Altiero Spinelli
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    #EUArchives – Founding fathers of the European Union: Altiero Spinelli

    Above all, we must keep on increasing Parliament’s level of overall involvement. That is why we are calling for a new parliamentary committee that whatever its title, would focus exclusively on this issue. In due course, it would produce interim reports, urging Parliament to choose between the various options put forward and to build as broad a consensus as possible through open debate. The aim would be to have a reform project adopted, with everyone fully aware of the significance and implications.

  • History Brief: the 19th Amendment
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    History Brief: the 19th Amendment

    The 19th Amendment The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that no one shall be denied the right to vote based on gender. Why was this amendment necessary? How long did it take for it to become part of the Constitution? Throughout the early 1870s, the National Woman Suffrage Association attempted multiple legal challenges with the hope of gaining women the right to vote. They argued that women should have this right based on the 15th Amendment, which states that all citizens should have the right to vote. The Supreme Court heard three cases on this matter, the most famous being Minor v. Happersett. Each time they ruled…

  • The Legacy of the Federalist Papers
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    The Legacy of the Federalist Papers

    What is their legacy what were some final thoughts you have on these papers in their achievement and what they mean to america the the the federalist is Justin unmatched explanation what the intentions are the founders were when they designed our Constitution it’s one thing to have the Constitution but it’s another thing entirely to have at a a rationale a coherent well elaborated argument really a book from the people who help to design that document a to to yeah a book explaining what it’s for giving the reasonings up the up the up the delegates at the convention and thats that there’s nothing else like it there’s…

  • Helmut Kohl on Freedom | 1989 [HD]
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    Helmut Kohl on Freedom | 1989 [HD]

    It has been the renewed dynamism of the process of European unification in recent years that has given the processes of reform in the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe such strong encouragement. We would therefore be making a bad mistake and completely misjudging the situation, if we were to deprive this process of European unification of its momentum at this of all times. Let all those who have doubts about the position of the Federal Republic of Germany take note: the Federal German Government stands by the Single Act and its goals in every respect. It is a staunch supporter of the completion of the European Union. We…

  • The Constitution as political theory
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    The Constitution as political theory

    GARY J. SCHMITT: Good evening everybody. Good evening, and welcome to the American Enterprise Institute and our third annual Walter Berns Constitution Day Lecture. My name is Gary Schmitt. I’m the program director for the project on the Program on American Citizenship here at AEI. It’s a great pleasure to introduce this evening’s speaker, James Ceaser, who is the Harry F. Byrd professor of politics at the University of Virginia. It’s a pleasure for a number of reasons, the first being that Jim is someone I’ve known since, God, late ’70s, and has been a friend ever since. He’s also been a particularly good friend since I joined AEI, authoring…

  • The 13th Amendment Explained: The Constitution for Dummies
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    The 13th Amendment Explained: The Constitution for Dummies

    Hey guys, welcome to Hip Hughes history. Gnome tompsky and I are ready to glyph the 13th amendment. because you need to know it. Students, life-long learners This is a big one so uh better go get the door because learning is here. so y’all are going to need to know the 13 thirteenth amendment.sadgsdfsdf The thirteenth amendment, of course,asdffsgcsdfgsfd is the first of the Reconstruction Amendments, the Civil War Amendments, and you can actually kinda of group them together to at least memorize themDCVXCb CVVzVC

  • Eminent Domain – Arcadia, California
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    Eminent Domain – Arcadia, California

    CUSTOMER: The city wants to see this torn down and become a car dealership. CUSTOMER: Because they’ll get more tax money from the bigger business. (Register rings) ROMERO: The fundamentals of eminent domain is it’s supposed to be only for public use. And I realized that the city is saying this is to expand Mercedes Benz. And I said wait a minute this is not the proper way of using eminent domain. And I tell them I’m not going to sell it because they are not telling me they want to use this property to put a school, a library or any public service use. They want to tear it…