• Glenn Beck Attacks FDR
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    Glenn Beck Attacks FDR

    got a video number seven it’s going back and he’s talking about how the health care bill is uh… basically oppressing the united states people pay close attention to this you’ll learn something history will equate this as uh… as big as the new dealer pearl harbor and if you think that’s overstating the importance remember we are talking about six of the yield u_s_ economy their transitioning to make health care are right along the with education just as f_d_r_ planned on doing paul the second bill of rights f_d_r_ unfinished revolution and why we need a march written by cast sons team the guidance in for many years…

  • Abandonment of Reconstruction – OpenBUCS
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    Abandonment of Reconstruction – OpenBUCS

    So, talking about the Republican Party and the south, I tried to get across the sense that as we move into the late 1860s and as Congress’ role in southern politics becomes more notable, you begin to get a sense of how the politics of America are playing out with Reconstruction in the south. That some of what’s being done is tied to the future of the Republican Party as it affects both whites and blacks in the south. But nationally, nationally, I would suggest that what we’ve seen in the south in terms of a sort of waning interest in Reconstruction is a national phenomenon. What I want to…

  • 22. Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President
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    22. Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President

    Professor David Blight: I was in a meeting some months ago of the New York Historical Society’s Board of Trustees; august, wonderful group of people. That’s about thirty-five very rich New Yorkers and two token historians, and I’m one of the token historians. They have us there for window dressing, and other good and useful and noble purposes. And during a discussion of a subject I won’t even go into, one of the very intelligent and very dedicated members of that board–and I’m not being ironic–said that he really wished American history could be about “people of goodwill.” He wished American history wasn’t so full of conflict. In effect, he…