• Early Childhood Intervention Program
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    Early Childhood Intervention Program

    You may be concerned about your child’s development. The Early Years are most important to achieve the best outcomes for healthy development in children. Where can you go to share concerns and find information that will help you? The Early Childhood Intervention Program – ECIP is a province-wide network of home and community based services provided to families with children from birth to school age who experience or are at risk for developmental delays. We know that the best place for every child is in a family and best place for every family is in a caring and welcoming community. ECIP is family-centred, child-focused and works together with the family…

  • Confederation Park Art
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    Confederation Park Art

    We are working on an art project for Confederation Park. And we are representing voices that were not heard in the creation of Canada. I think as a young person it can be challenging to speak out sometimes. Just with everything, with peer pressure, and being so young, people will judge you. But this is a great opportunity to actually do something and have support in it while doing it.

  • Lo Nuevo en Universal Orlando!
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    Lo Nuevo en Universal Orlando!

    Look, travelers! We’re going to show you our hotel. It’s completely new. It just opened. It’s called…wait, how do you pronounce it? It’s called Sapphire…Loews… Nope, try again. “Loews Sapphire Falls Resort”. Show me your room. Did you notice our rooms are connected? Connec–look! This is my room. You close it… …then you open it. It’s like a bungalow. Like something you’d see at the beach. You have to do the mattress test. But the mattress test I– I’m gonna jump from here! Wait. Let me move this. One, two…! Not bad, not bad. Nice job, congratulations! Let’s see…the bathroom, look–wow. I can film your mattress test. Then let’s do…