• Title IX #9: Bystander Intervention
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    Title IX #9: Bystander Intervention

    RUSS: Uh… I don’t know. What time will it be? MARY: I think around seven. It might be fun. We might actually win this time. RUSS: (Laughs) Like I care. ROXANNE: No Jeff, you’ve gone too far! We had plans together! MARY: Gee. That doesn’t sound so good. Just avoid eye contact and keep moving. RUSS: No no, I think he really needs our help. ROXANNE: I love you, and I know you still love me! And Amanda is just confusing you. Once she’s out of the picture… RUSS: Hey, are you okay? ROXANNE: Yeah, we’re fine. Just talking. RUSS: You sure? JEFF: No. Can you please call campus security?…

  • Child Poverty In Fife | Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland
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    Child Poverty In Fife | Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland

    (Gentle piano and rain sounds) – It’s always on your mind. It’s always on your mind. I struggle with sleeping, general anxiety as well. I mean I find myself saying to my ten year old all the time. Are these trainers all right? You’re not getting picked on at school or anything? And just trying to quiz them for things that, I don’t want him to get picked on about and that’s always on your mind, it always in your head eh? (sustained distorted piano chord)(staccato white noise) – The age of irresponsibility, is giving way to an age of austerity. – They’re all good at shouting about that, shouting…

  • Modify Submitted Federal Financial Report (FFR) for Grantees
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    Modify Submitted Federal Financial Report (FFR) for Grantees

    Welcome of the training video “Modify Submitted Federal Financial Reports in GrantSolutions.” During this tutorial, students may pause, advance, or rewind the training session at any time. Withdraw the Federal Financial Report When the Federal Financial Report – known as the FFR – is in the Submitted status and the report status is Due or Past Due, you may withdraw the report to correct errors. To make changes to a submitted report login to GrantSolutions. The “My Grants List” screen appears. From the menu bar, select Reports Federal Financial Report. The “Federal Financial Reports List” screen appears. Click the Plus Sign to the left of the grant program to expand…