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    Bernie Sanders on FDR | Bernie Sanders

    A few hours ago, a few hours ago I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt homestead. And I was happy to be there because in my view, FDR was one of the great presidents in the history of this country. He was a great president because he came into office in 1933, in a nation which was experiencing the worst depression in the history of our country and he looked around him and he saw millions of people unemployed and hungry. He saw farmers losing their farms. He saw people struggling every single day to get the healthcare they needed or education for their kids. And…

  • History of U.S. Interventions, Lessons For Libya
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    History of U.S. Interventions, Lessons For Libya

    then given the operation in libya is far from clear even american officials acknowledge it could end with qaddafi still in power but from past conflicts we can find clues about when the u_s_ military might succeed in the subjective and what it won’t now for most last night and of course we’ve been in iraq and afghanistan long messy wars where we use massive amounts of ground troops there’s still big questions however over the outcomes of those complex but it seems state to say but does not appear to be a model we would like to emily i certainly would now like emulated but there are big difference…

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    The United States Goes Dry – Alcohol Prohibition I THE GREAT WAR

    It’s January 1920, and in America it’s about to get a lot harder to get a drink. The Volstead Act has come into force, making it illegal to sell alcohol across the United States. But the ban on drink would not be easy to enforce – it’s prohibition. Hi, I’m Jesse Alexander and welcome to the Great War which is made possible by the generous support of our Patreons. Help us keep The Great War free for everyone as a learning resource and support us at patreon.com/thegreatwar – and now on to the show. The immediate post war period was a time of great social revolution across the globe, including…

  • How Left/Right Partisanship Starts a Civil War in Spain | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1936 Part 2 of 4
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    How Left/Right Partisanship Starts a Civil War in Spain | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1936 Part 2 of 4

    I suppose you could call the Spanish Civil War World War Two’s practice run. The mass killings, industrial warfare, and blurring of lines between civilians and combatants that we will see in the years 1939 to 1945 will already happen from 1936-1939 on the Iberian Peninsula. But how has Spain, a country which has mostly kept itself out of international affairs, found itself in this position? Why has it become such a powder keg? As we will soon see, the pre-war Spanish Republic is rife with violence and strife. In its short life, it will be continually rocked by revolution, uprisings, and coups. Its defeat is never inevitable, but it…

  • The German Revolution (5/7 – The Constitution)
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    The German Revolution (5/7 – The Constitution)

    On March 27th of 1849, almost a year after it had assembled for the first time, the Parliament proclaimed the constitution of the German Empire. The Constitution addressed both of the core demands of the revolutionaries by declaring that the newly founded Empire should include all territories of the German Confederation, as well as incorporating the basic rights of the German people, which had been passed in late December of 1848, thus granting the German people both national unity and the liberties they had demanded. The constitution was supposed to establish a constitutional, hereditary monarchy with an emperor as head of state who could appoint ministers and delay laws he…

  • The Hungarian Romanian War & The Downfall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic I THE GREAT WAR 1919
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    The Hungarian Romanian War & The Downfall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic I THE GREAT WAR 1919

    This episode of The Great War is sponsored by Mack Wheldon. Mack Wheldon make Men’s clothing that focuses on high quality, well designed basics for every occasion. We spend long days here in the studio filming of The Great War, and I need my clothing to be comfortable and durable, plus I want to look good for the camera. In their very easy to use webshop we picked Mack Wheldon’s under shirts and this button down shirt I am wearing right now – and I’m sold. Even with the studio lights on, it’s comfortable, feels great AND it’s extremely easy to iron, which is great for me since I am…

  • MLK & Universal Basic Income | Guaranteed Income (5 Reasons)
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    MLK & Universal Basic Income | Guaranteed Income (5 Reasons)

    At the end of his life… Martin Luther King Jr. was working on a campaign… …to ensure all Americans… …had a dignified standard of living… …with what is now referred to as a… Universal Basic Income. Or as he called it: A guaranteed minimum income… …for all people… …and all families of our country. The problems which are developing… …as a result of automation and cybernation. As far back as 1961… …MLK saw a new economic trend… …of automation dissolving jobs”. He called it a “catastrophe”… …and said “black and white…” “…we will all be harmed…” “…unless something grand and imaginative is done.” “A true revolution of values will soon…

  • Haitian Revolutions: Crash Course World History #30
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    Haitian Revolutions: Crash Course World History #30

    Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course World History. And apparently it’s Revolutions Month here at Crash Course, because today we are going to discuss the often-neglected Haitian Revolutions. The Haitian Revolutions are totally fascinating and they involve two of my very favorite things: 1. Ending slavery, and 2. Napoleon getting his feelings hurt. I can’t help myself, Napoleon. I like to see you suffer. [theme music] So, the French colony in Saint-Domingue began in the 17th century as a pirate outpost. And its original French inhabitants made their living selling leather and a kind of smoked beef called boucan. All that beef actually came from cattle left behind…

  • Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration
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    Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

    Halfway across the globe, and we’re standing on new ground. Screaming across the waves you can’t hear a sound. There’s no fair trials, no trade, no liberties. No tea! We’ve colonized America. We won’t stand for tyranny! O king: and it’s too late to apologize. It’s too late! I said it’s too late to apologize. It’s too late! We’ve paid your foolish tax, read the acts, and they just won’t do. We want to make it clear, we believe this much is true: all men were created with certain unalienable rights! Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! It’s too late to apologize! It’s too late! I…

  • The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course European History #24
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    The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course European History #24

    Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So we’re going to turn our attention now to the Industrial Revolution, one of the most significant developments in human history. Like, imagine with me that it’s 1820. I got this idea from the economist Robert Gordon by the way. You live in, say, England. You probably work in agriculture. When you walk to town, you’re either pulling your own cart, or if you’re lucky you have a horse. You have no running water or electricity. When you wash your few items of clothing, you do so by hand. You cook over a fire. You think of time not…