• Universal Reward Protocol – Introduction
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    Universal Reward Protocol – Introduction

    We are all shoppers and like all shoppers we like to touch and feel the product We always want to get the best deal and spend so much time looking for it online and offline All retailers are competing to be the one to know what we’re looking for and give us these best deals However our lives are changing ever so rapidly and our tastes and needs evolve constantly retailers have a hard time keeping up All retailers and brands are interested in what shoppers are interested in. We know what you already bought but what we’re really willing to pay for is data that lets us anticipate what…

  • Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9
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    Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9

    Hey, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI. Say I want to get a cookie from a jar that’s on a tall shelf. There isn’t one “right way” to get the cookies. Maybe I find a ladder, use a lasso, or build a complicated system of pulleys. These could all be brilliant or terrible ideas, but if something works, I get the sweet taste of victory… and I learn that doing that same thing could get me another cookie in the future. We learn lots of things by trial-and-error, and this kind of “learning by doing” to achieve complicated goals is called Reinforcement Learning. INTRO So far, we’ve talked…