• Courts Are Taking On Trump’s Emoluments Clause Violations This Week
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    Courts Are Taking On Trump’s Emoluments Clause Violations This Week

    This week, two separate courts, one in Washington DC and one in Virginia are going to be taking up cases brought by Donald Trump’s lawyers, appealed from lower courts about Donald Trump’s violations of the Constitution’s emoluments clause. Now, both of these lawsuits are saying that the president has been violating the emoluments clause of the constitution by still taking in the profits from his businesses, both here in the United States and the ones abroad, and they say that because you have foreign nationals who come and stay at his hotels over here and because you have US officials who stay in his properties overseas, specifically the one over…

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    Study Proves Americans, Not Chinese, Have Paid $40 BILLION For Trump’s Tariffs

    The New York federal reserve came out with a new study recently that blows a major hole in one of Donald Trump’s favorite talking points, and that is that China is the one paying those tariffs he put in place, don’t worry. American citizens, as he likes to tell us, China is paying those and the treasury is just rolling in that dough that Chinese dough, American citizens, you’re not paying a penny of this, don’t worry about it, but again, the New York federal reserve, the central bank came out and said, yeah, that’s not true at all. In fact, American citizens are paying for the tariffs. They’re the…

  • Rand Paul Proves He Doesn’t Know How The Constitution Works
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    Rand Paul Proves He Doesn’t Know How The Constitution Works

    Monday night Rand Paul uh, did a rally in his home state of Kentucky with Donald Trump. The rally obviously didn’t do a whole heck of a lot to rally voters in Kentucky as we saw from last night’s election results where their governor was replaced with a Democrat. But nonetheless, something interesting did happen. Monday night Rand Paul came out and said, we know who the whistleblower is. We have his name and I encourage the media to go out there and release this person’s name. So on Tuesday, after that Monday night rally Rand Paul was cornered by reporters in the halls of Congress where they asked him,…

  • Trump And Republicans Have Secured Their Power For Decades To Come
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    Trump And Republicans Have Secured Their Power For Decades To Come

    With the 2020 presidential election coming up and with more Republican senators being up for reelection, the democratic senators, it is within the realm of possibility for Democrats to uh recapture essentially the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. But one branch of government, thanks to democratic inaction for eight years and Republican obstruction. Uh, one branch of the government is really pretty much off limits to Democrats for a couple of generations. That branch obviously is the Judicial branch of government and Donald Trump this week just celebrated his 150th appeals court appointee, roughly one in four appeals court judges who are serving lifetime appointments in this…

  • Trump Openly Taunts Constitution By Hosting G7 Summit At His Business
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    Trump Openly Taunts Constitution By Hosting G7 Summit At His Business

    So Trump’s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, made a lot of, uh, announcements yesterday, some more illegal than others, but one of the announcements he made that really kind of set everybody off, not just admitting to the quid pro quo, was the fact that next year’s G seven summit is going to be held at Trump national Doral in Miami. So Donald Trump made good on his threat earlier this summer to hold the next G seven summit at one of his failing properties here in the United States. This is a violation of the emoluments clause if we’ve ever seen one. And that’s exactly what the president is…

  • Consumers Lose As Republicans PACK Courts With Corporate Judges
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    Consumers Lose As Republicans PACK Courts With Corporate Judges

    Barack Obama left office with more than a hundred vacancies on the federal courts and Donald Trump and the new Republicans in the Senate did not waste any time filling these seats. But who’s picking these judges and what do they have to gain from these appointments? Joining me to answer that question is Farron Cousins from the trial lawyer magazine. Farron, this, if you take a look at this case, at this situation, I think 15 years ago on Ring of Fire, we started talking about the idea that the Democrats were paying so much attention to social issues. You know, is this judge, is this judge good on…

  • Meghan McCain Is Just The Absolute WORST
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    Meghan McCain Is Just The Absolute WORST

    You know a couple of times every week there’s some kind of headline about Megan McCain either going after the president or defending the president or attacking liberals or defending liberal. Who cares what it is. Megan McCain, co-host to the view, has no idea who she is, what she’s doing or why she’s even there. Megan McCain, to put it bluntly, it’s just absolutely the worst kind of person there is. Let’s just be 100% on that. Megan McCain is just awful. She is riding a wave on her father’s name. She has no idea how she got there, why she’s there and where she’s going, but damage. She’s…

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    Constitution Says Congress, Not William Barr, Can Determine If Trump Obstructed Justice

    So Attorney General, William Barr told us yesterday that no, he is definitely not going to release the full unredacted Mueller report, but he will release a redacted report very soon. I’m not good enough, but I guess it’s something, right. But here’s the thing, and this is what several former members of the justice department have actually been out there saying recently, and that is bar already jumped the gun and overstepped his authority by immediately clearing Donald Trump of obstruction of justice according to them, that wasn’t bars decision to make actually, even though Mueller kicked it over to them. In fact, that decision, according to the US…

  • State Department Helping Trump Violate Constitutional Laws
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    State Department Helping Trump Violate Constitutional Laws

    Apparently the US State Department has actually been helping Donald Trump violate the US constitution, uh, at every possible turn. According to a bombshell, new report from Reuters, seven different foreign governments in just Donald Trump’s first year in office 2017, uh, submitted applications to the State Department, a grand total of 13 applications, basically saying, hey, we know we’re a foreign government. We know you got this new guy that owns a lot of properties. We actually want to buy or lease or renew a lease or rent one of these properties of his, we’re trying to uphold the law here cause we got to do this. Here’s our…

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    Kellyanne Conway Claims It Is Unconstitutional To Embarrass Trump

    Kellyanne Conway is many things but a legal scholar. She certainly is not. This past weekend during an appearance on Fox News, Sunway, ah, Sunday, Kellyanne Conway made the following statement about what is apparently, at least according to her in the constitution, here it is, [tear on impeachment. What does he think about those in the house pursuing it? Complete nonsense. Even Jerry now said, oh impeachment is just a term. This is a process. They can’t even, they need to get a messaging meeting and they need to read the constitution. The Democratic Party are we seeing American? The congress work for you. They work for you and…