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    What It Takes To Have A Constitutional Crisis | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR

    Just what does it take to have a constitutional crisis? “This could precipitate a constitutional crisis.” “… prompting a constitutional crisis.” “… a major constitutional crisis.” “Constitutional crisis” “Constitutional crisis” You could say that the Constitution is something of an owners manual for taxpayers. And like a lot of owners manuals, it can lead to a lot of frustration. Among the things the Constitution doesn’t have is a precise legal definition of constitutional crisis. And so the phrase constitutional crisis is meant to mean a moment when the Constitution is not enough to resolve a question or a conflict or a confrontation or an uncertainty. And this can happen for…

  • So, You Want To Impeach The President | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR
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    So, You Want To Impeach The President | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR

    No president of the United States has ever been removed from office by impeachment. But, it’s hard to watch the news these days without hearing the word. So, what does it actually take to impeach a president? First, a member of the House of Representatives brings a resolution of impeachment, and that happens from time to time. Not a big deal in and of itself. Number 2, the House Judiciary Committee would have to produce a majority vote to advance that impeachment resolution to the full House. Third, the full House would have to have a majority vote for the impeachment resolution. Fourth and finally, the Senate would sit as…