• I Am Mad Jack – The Sword Wielding WW2 Mad Man Soldier
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    I Am Mad Jack – The Sword Wielding WW2 Mad Man Soldier

    My legs are starting to cramp from the six long hours I’ve spent in my fox hole, and I grunt as I painfully readjust my position. Dew collects in a puddle at the bottom of my fighting position, turning it into muddy sludge. I squint out across the three hundred meters in front of me. There’s nothing to spot but the tree line and the occasional deer scampering along, completely oblivious to the hundreds of British rifles aimed in its general direction. Somewhere on the other side of those trees is Jerry, full of vinegar and hate and hellbent on a fresh try at another great war. This old Hitler…

  • Westlaw – UK Legislation
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    Westlaw – UK Legislation

    Westlaw offers fully consolidated Acts of Parliament since 1267 and Statutory Instruments since 1948. Fully consolidated means that the acts on the database incorporate all amendments, so are the most current versions that you can find. Please note that legislation you find freely on the Internet, may be in its original, un-amended form. Using the basic search screen will find the latest versions of the legislation, including not yet in force, partially in force, or repealed items. First click on “Legislation” on the main toolbar. For articles on a topic, use the “Free Text” or the “Subject” field. For legislation by the name of the act, or statutory instrument, use…

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    Views sought on proposed e-Cigarette and patient safety legislation

    Nicotine vapour products such as e-Cigarettes or vaporisers – as they’re also known – have become increasingly popular …and now there are plans in a bill being scrutinized by the Scottish Parliament to restrict them, similar to what’s been done with conventional cigarettes over the years. I think they should be regulated. Em because you’re still inhaling things that could be toxic. Em, and if they’re not regulated people might not know the health risks. I just think it’s people’s own choices, you know, if they know what an ecigarette is, it’s their choice whether they choose to take them or no. An eCigarette is meant to be a way…

  • Child Poverty In Fife | Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland
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    Child Poverty In Fife | Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland

    (Gentle piano and rain sounds) – It’s always on your mind. It’s always on your mind. I struggle with sleeping, general anxiety as well. I mean I find myself saying to my ten year old all the time. Are these trainers all right? You’re not getting picked on at school or anything? And just trying to quiz them for things that, I don’t want him to get picked on about and that’s always on your mind, it always in your head eh? (sustained distorted piano chord)(staccato white noise) – The age of irresponsibility, is giving way to an age of austerity. – They’re all good at shouting about that, shouting…

  • Metalhedz Episode 1: ‘Intervention’
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    Metalhedz Episode 1: ‘Intervention’

    GINGE: “I love me a ‘Harry Potter’.” TAILS: “Don’t ruin Harry Potter for me!” GINGE: “You take it out, aim at her face and shout ‘EXPECTO PATRONUM!”.’ SKULL: “I love me a bit of ‘Chuckle Brothers’.” SKULL: “To me!” GINGE: “To you!” TAILS: “My childhood is being ruined; first I found out Willy Wonka was a slave driver and now the sexualisation of my favourite books!” BEKI: “Willy Wonka, what?” GINGE: “He captured coloured people and made them work in his factory.” TAILS: “But they were happy, they sung songs…” GINGE: ‘That’s what they do to stop their spirits from being broken.” SKULL: “Hang on, I thought your childhood was…

  • English Civil War: Crash Course European History #14
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    English Civil War: Crash Course European History #14

    Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. And as we saw last week, Absolutism was in the air during the seventeenth century, but not just in France. Across the English Channel, King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England after the death of the childless Elizabeth in 1603, and he found himself thinking, “You know, I might not agree with everything those French Catholics believe, but they are onto something when it comes to the Divine Right of kings to have absolute power.” The inhabitants of the British Isles, however, weren’t so sure. In fact, Protestant reformers were imagining a different idea of…

  • ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s Constitution
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    ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s Constitution

    Hello. Welcome to this website-LSE IPA’s Crowdsourcing the United Kingdom Constitution. The reason we are doing this is simple- the United Kingdom doesn’t have a Constitution. It has no formal rules and regulations governing how the place is run and we want to change that. We want to change it with your help. We’re not relying on teams of experts, we’re not relying on the usual Professors gathered in a room, determining what it should be and then declaring it and this or that, soon to be ignored by paper. We’re involving the British public in the question- “What should go in the Constitution?”. We’re starting with a public meeting…

  • Historical Context of the Human Rights Act 1998
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    Historical Context of the Human Rights Act 1998

    not until the aftermath of World War Two and its atrocities did issues concerning civil liberties and human rights once more gained worldwide attention at that point there was political resolve and popular support to have stronger monitoring and enforcement of minimum international standards of human rights. The United Nations was formed in 1948 and one of its first acts was the adoption the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it established a fundamental set of standards for countries to follow, however the declaration was limited in the individuals could not enforce these rights against governments at the same time as the United Nations declaration was being written there was a…