• Confederate Anthem
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    Confederate Anthem

    Oh, i’m a good ole rebel, now that’s just what i am And for this Yankee nation, I do not give a damn I’m glad i fought against her, I’d only wished we won I aint ask any pardon for anything I’ve done I hate the Yankee nation and everything they do I hate the Declaration of Independence too I hate the glorious union, tis dripping with our blood I hate this stripped banner, I fit it all I could I rode with Robert E. Lee for three years, there about Got wounded in four places and I starved at Point Lookout I caught the rheumatism a camping in the…

  • Girl Banned From Prom for Confederate Flag Dress
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    Girl Banned From Prom for Confederate Flag Dress

    here’s an interesting story high school senior tax on a edwards was banned from her prom for wearing a confederate flag address she was kicked out of the promise few days ago because she was wearing a dress that resembled the confederate flag we have that picture up for a television audience school official said she couldn’t wear it because it’s offensive inappropriate they actually told her in advance that she should not wear it she came to the event wearing a dress she was told you can change in comeback she didn’t and she uh… was not she was not allowed there now this is really a question of…

  • How were issues of representation addressed at the Constitutional Convention?
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    How were issues of representation addressed at the Constitutional Convention?

    During the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the major issues discussed have to do with the structure of the government. The major issue was how do you make sure that the people are represented in a democratic way and retain this principle of what we today would call states’ rights, that is to allow the states to have some say. Because if you have only popular representation, then the bigger states, that is the more populous states, are going to have the advantage over the smaller states. And of course the resolution is a peculiar bicameral system, peculiar because it’s not based on issues of let’s say class as…

  • Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School
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    Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School

    to anti gay teens were suspended for wearing Confederate flags to school this is in Washington in the suburbs of Seattle addicting info is reporting that school officials say they had warned the boys not to wear the flags because the flags are specifically prohibited in the dress code they were deemed disruptive and banned by the school and a a note when out saying from this point forward student in violation up the district dress code will be sent immediately to the office in parents contacted also clothing that promoter advertises drugs alcohol tobacco or sex are that displays representations of hate for anti-establishment like swastikas Confederate flags anarchism…

  • Cenk of The Young Turks on MSNBC Debates Confederate History Month & More (4/7/2010)
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    Cenk of The Young Turks on MSNBC Debates Confederate History Month & More (4/7/2010)

    president is seriously considering unveiling his own plan for many staged ending decades of conflict in his plan in his mind between israelis and palestinians on the washington post reports of the plan could be announced by autumn of this year it would drop of the previously incremental approach if you want to call our recent approach that in favor of a more ambitious plan embracing borders the right of return for palestinian refugees the status of jerusalem they all say the plan would have the size confronting iran which of course is at the top of israel are the israeli governments concerns uh… here to mix it up blogger…

  • Is The Confederate Flag Free Speech?
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    Is The Confederate Flag Free Speech?

    In March, 2015, the Supreme Court heard arguments about Texas’s ban on confederate flag license plates and whether the ban is in violation of the First amendment. 2015 marks 150 years since the end of the Civil War, and some have argued that the southern confederate flag is a symbol of national shame and institutionalized racism. So, do states have the right to ban the confederate flag? Well, the question is being posed by a group known as the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Their logo, which includes the confederate flag, has been approved for use on nine other state license plates. The group has also attempted to have a former…

  • What if We Kept the Articles of Confederation?
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    What if We Kept the Articles of Confederation?

    The struggle between the government and the states has been happening ever since both existed. Even between states themselves. And this goes back to Revolutionary times. When the fastest way to travel was by horse, It made sense when people cared little about the opinions of somebody hundreds of miles away. This crafted a culture of self-determination within each colony. Each of the 13 colonies had its own government, culture, and laws. The British Crown cared so little for centuries, Colonies saw ruling themselves as the only way. The concerns of their neighbors didn’t really matter. It took the threat of losing that self-determination (the British interfering) which forced them…

  • The story behind the Boston Tea Party – Ben Labaree
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    The story behind the Boston Tea Party – Ben Labaree

    Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar You’ve probably heard of the Boston Tea Party, something about a bunch of angry colonists dressed as Native Americans throwing chests of tea into the water. But the story is far more complicated, filled with imperial intrigue, corporate crisis, smuggling, and the grassroots origins of the American Revolution. The first thing you need to know about tea in the 1700’s is that it was really, really popular. In England, each man, woman, and child consumed almost 300 cups of this stuff every year. And, since the English colonized America, Americans were crazy about tea too. By the 1760’s, they were drinking over a million…

  • Caller: Nevada Constitution says Feds Own Land
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    Caller: Nevada Constitution says Feds Own Land

    Vicky in Tucson Arizona list and serious a bikie what’s up free Tom arm I with all due respect sheriff mack: I i think I’m can refute his claim and the claim over the rancher that Nevada father and the government should know nor does not on on 92 percent ourselves in a bottle and I I the nevada state constitution which was a adopted in 1864 ironically the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim alright entitle to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory and that the same shall be and remain at the whole entire disposition as the United States wow…

  • Roe v. Wade: A Legal History | Part Two: The Right to Privacy
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    Roe v. Wade: A Legal History | Part Two: The Right to Privacy

    By the time Roe v. Wade came down, she’d actually already had the baby, so the reason the case continued was because there was a desire both by litigants and by the Supreme Court to address the issue, not because it was a individual pressing case that someone brought. The first argument was in the winter of 1971 but two Justices had suddenly died prior to that argument so they were short on the bench. They have the oral argument in Roe. Shortly after, they have the oral argument in a case called Eisenstadt versus Baird, which was about extending the right to use contraception beyond married couples to single…