• What Does It Mean to Be a “Good” Student? | Creators for Change
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    What Does It Mean to Be a “Good” Student? | Creators for Change

    This episode was made possible by the YouTube Creators for Change program. What does it mean when we say someone is a “good student”? I figured for many of us, a “good student” means someone who gets high, if not perfect, grades, is never late to class, and always has a readily sharpened pencil close at hand. We don’t think of strugglers, stragglers, or people with performances that fluctuate. But, confession time. At different points in my own academic career, I’ve been that person. So, how did I go from the kid who almost failed three classes in eighth grade to earning a PhD? Looking back, my struggles with school…

  • Westlaw – UK Legislation
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    Westlaw – UK Legislation

    Westlaw offers fully consolidated Acts of Parliament since 1267 and Statutory Instruments since 1948. Fully consolidated means that the acts on the database incorporate all amendments, so are the most current versions that you can find. Please note that legislation you find freely on the Internet, may be in its original, un-amended form. Using the basic search screen will find the latest versions of the legislation, including not yet in force, partially in force, or repealed items. First click on “Legislation” on the main toolbar. For articles on a topic, use the “Free Text” or the “Subject” field. For legislation by the name of the act, or statutory instrument, use…

  • Iraq: Hundreds of Students Rally Against Both US and Iranian Interference
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    Iraq: Hundreds of Students Rally Against Both US and Iranian Interference

    “We demand, and it’s a clear popular demand, to stop all foreign intervention whether it comes from Iran or from the United States. Who has a problem with Iran should go and hit and attack Iran on its land and who has a problem with the United States should take his bases and soldiers and forces and attack the United States from Iran. Iraq is not a field for a battle. Iraq, god willing, is a secure place.” “Foreign intervention, the Iranians as well as the Americans, is the last thing we need, we don’t need their trouble in our country. Yes we would like them to leave, and to…

  • Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego
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    Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego

    This is Ken. And these are Ken’s classmates. This is their teacher. He has a goal for them. and has asked them all to follow the same path to reach that goal. Some of the students follow the path with no complications, easily and quickly reaching the goal. Some students may wander off the path and need additional assistance staying on track. For some students however the path is completely inaccessible presenting barriers that make it impossible for them to reach the goal. This is where Universal Design for Learning comes in. UDL recognizes and values the variability that exists in students’ backgrounds, abilities and interests. And helps educators design…

  • Excerpt 2: Tier 3 Interventions for English Learners
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    Excerpt 2: Tier 3 Interventions for English Learners

    Dr. SARAH MOORE: So, in the IES Practice Guide on RTI, the fifth and final recommendation refers to what to do in Tier 3. Provide intensive instruction daily that promotes the development of various components of reading proficiency to students who show minimal progress after reasonable time in Tier 2 small-group instruction. This recommendation includes focusing on a small number of high-priority skills in a one-on-one or small-group setting. So, regular progress monitoring can demonstrate whether the program is working for the students or whether changes need to be made. It recommends practices to carry out this recommendation, and these are to implement concentrated instruction that is focused on a…

  • Universal Design for Learning (Part 5): Action and Expression Strategies
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    Universal Design for Learning (Part 5): Action and Expression Strategies

    Universal Design for Learning or UDL is a design framework that instructors can use to reduce barriers students face in the classroom and increase access to opportunities to succeed. We can implement UDL in our classrooms through three guidelines: engagement, representation, and action and expression. In this video, you will develop ways to integrate multiple means of action and expression, which give learners diverse ways to express how they understand course content and develop course skills as a result of course experiences. By providing a number of ways for students to demonstrate their knowledge, you can help them more fully obtain course outcomes. While this principle can be implemented in…

  • Universal Design at McGill University
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    Universal Design at McGill University

    Universal Design for Learning has the potential to benefit everyone. Rather than always trying to transform the individual to fit into the system, the idea is to transform the system so that individuals with differences can be accommodated without effort within that system. Universal Design encourages us to consider how we can help students access university services in a sustainable way. There is so much more to explore and put into place, and such UD initiatives benefit the entire McGill community. Disability is often seen as a problem that needs to be solved or cured. The focus is on the individual who is disabled and what they can do to…