• The Federalist No. 10 Analysis Rap
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    The Federalist No. 10 Analysis Rap

    Presidential Madison, advanced Articulation Federalist No. 10 begin the speculation Essays neck and neck within our British Declaration Deep in the bedrock of our democratic nation Madison’s use of Freedoms definition Imploring British rule for self-representation Ten thousand thoughts in Federalist Number ten Analogies, comparisons, flowed from his pen Madison’s Federalism let Freedom Ring Bustin British Monarchies with our hotline bling! Madison’s use of Major Minor Premise Combines to defeat the Anti-Fed menace Because a faction is unhealthy and maleficent Threatening the liberty Federalists represent Therefore a Republic should consume this large nation Now let’s gets a move on with this Federalist revelation The logic he uses is basic syllogism…

  • The Legacy of the Federalist Papers
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    The Legacy of the Federalist Papers

    What is their legacy what were some final thoughts you have on these papers in their achievement and what they mean to america the the the federalist is Justin unmatched explanation what the intentions are the founders were when they designed our Constitution it’s one thing to have the Constitution but it’s another thing entirely to have at a a rationale a coherent well elaborated argument really a book from the people who help to design that document a to to yeah a book explaining what it’s for giving the reasonings up the up the up the delegates at the convention and thats that there’s nothing else like it there’s…

  • Federalist Paper #70 Explained: American Government Review
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    Federalist Paper #70 Explained: American Government Review

    hey guys welcome to hip hughes history where we are hitting up the federalist papers like gangsters, this time we are looking at the executive department further considered as Hamiltons baby number 70. We are going to take a look at his man love for the unitary idea behind the executive and flush out some of the garbage goo so you guys can read in between the words and understand what the heck he is saying so giddy up for bad bang. Here we go fed number 70.

  • The Constitution as political theory
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    The Constitution as political theory

    GARY J. SCHMITT: Good evening everybody. Good evening, and welcome to the American Enterprise Institute and our third annual Walter Berns Constitution Day Lecture. My name is Gary Schmitt. I’m the program director for the project on the Program on American Citizenship here at AEI. It’s a great pleasure to introduce this evening’s speaker, James Ceaser, who is the Harry F. Byrd professor of politics at the University of Virginia. It’s a pleasure for a number of reasons, the first being that Jim is someone I’ve known since, God, late ’70s, and has been a friend ever since. He’s also been a particularly good friend since I joined AEI, authoring…

  • Read the Constitution Through the Founders’ Eyes
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    Read the Constitution Through the Founders’ Eyes

    The Federalist Papers were written in 1787 and 1788, and they are the foremost American contribution to political thought. They are one of the greatest books ever written. They were written as newspaper articles. There are 85 of them. They make a book about that thick, something like that, not that tall. It’s not that long to read them. But they are very deserving of study. They are important for a variety of reasons. They are important because they’re great. They’re important because they concern the most successful constitution in the history of the world. And they are important because of who wrote them. They were written by 3 people.…

  • Nullify! Chapter 2: Four Steps to Bring Down Federal Programs
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    Nullify! Chapter 2: Four Steps to Bring Down Federal Programs

    Did you know the man considered by many to be the “Father of the Constitution” gave us a blueprint for what to do when the federal government doesn’t follow the rules? Well he did, and it’s not something they teach you in school either. When ratification of the constitution was still up in the air, James Madison and others wrote a series of papers about how things would work. In one, Federalist paper #46, Madison laid out a clear plan, a blueprint for what was needed to keep the federal government in check when words on paper, wouldn’t do the job. Surprisingly, James Madison didn’t advise using as a first…

  • Federalism by Shmoop
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    Federalism by Shmoop

    Federalism, a la Shmoop. Any time you and your sibling have gotten into it with each another… your parents have likely stepped into the ring to separate the two of you, and to get you both to play nice. Well, back when our country was even younger than…you and your sibling… …it got into some similar squabbles. What we as a nation decided to do, mainly as a result of the failure of the Articles of Confederation, was to engage in a political system known as ‘Federalism.’ Basically, control was to be split between both national and state governments. In other words’ they both got to play with the new…