• Was Obama Right About Gun Control?
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    Was Obama Right About Gun Control?

    On the 5th January 2016, President Obama unveiled new gun control laws, to protect American citizens. The President announced his executive orders to forcibly implement new gun control measures, bypassing Congess’ opposition to these changes. Obama wants to control the sale of firearms at gun shows and flea markets, so that all sellers must be registered and licensed, and put in place mandatory background checks on buyers. In an emotional plea, Obama recalled the events of the Sandy Hook Massacre, street violence in Chicago and other recent killings, to stop the loss of innocent lives. But millions of right-wing supporters claim that Obama’s decision is an infringement of the second…

  • America’s success depends on her virtue ft. Professor Robert George | #TruthStraightUp
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    America’s success depends on her virtue ft. Professor Robert George | #TruthStraightUp

    ♪ George: People today talk a lot about the faults and flaws of our founding fathers. They were human beings. They had faults. They had flaws, some serious. They were also men of extraordinary genius, and they bequeathed to us a constitution that really, truly is and should be the envy of the world. They understood something, though: that constitution is actually, at the end of the day, not a machine that will go of itself. Those constitutional structures that protect our liberties, that prevent tyranny by checking government power, the doctrine of federalism, the separation of powers, judicial review, and so forth, judicial review being something, of course, that…

  • Ben Shapiro: Telos, Responsibility and Cultivation
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    Ben Shapiro: Telos, Responsibility and Cultivation

    I’m here today with Ben Shapiro. Ben and I met about eight months ago, eh? He came up to Toronto and gave a rousing talk and… Talk about political correctness at that point, quite a politically appointed political talk, and I got a couple of questions for you. One is what are you planning to do in 2018? What do you want to see happen in 2018, personally? And what are you aiming at, and why? So I’m aiming at broadening the reach of the the political messages that I espouse and the messages of, I think, personal responsibility and virtue that I try to espouse. I’m also working on…