• Lindsey Graham REAL SALTY About War Powers Act
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    Lindsey Graham REAL SALTY About War Powers Act

    >>The House of Representatives has just approved a resolution that Mike Lee in favor of. Its the War Powers Act, that would limit Donald Trump’s ability to unilaterally go to war. And of course, this follows Trump’s decision to assassinate Iran’s top military general. Now this is non-binding at the moment, and look, let’s keep it real. The likelihood of Mitch McConnell even bringing this type of legislation up for a vote in the Senate is, I can’t even imagine that would happen. But it is important to note that there are Republicans who are supportive of this including Mike Lee and Rand Paul. But there are Republicans who are…

  • Lindsey Graham Praises Trump’s #SniffyMcAdderall Speech
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    Lindsey Graham Praises Trump’s #SniffyMcAdderall Speech

    >>Lindsey Graham had a very different take from the rest of the American people when it came to Donald Trump’s speech following the escalation of tension with Iran. Now that speech was a disaster, we covered it. In fact, the speech was such a disaster that words like adderall began trending on social media. And so get a load of how Lindsey Graham felt about the speech.>>The President made a very bold decision today to allow things to come down. This speech will be talked about long after his second term. This is on par with tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev. This is resetting the relationship between the world…

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders Apparently Thinks The Constitution Is Dumb
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    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Apparently Thinks The Constitution Is Dumb

    Well just what everybody has been waiting for, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she is back folks with her new gig as a Fox news contributor and one of her first appearances here yesterday on Fox & Friends certainly did not disappoint. This is vintage Sarah Huckabee Sanders out there lying, name calling, trying to pepper in a little bit of her phony religion into it. And without further ado, here it is: Sarah… Go ahead. Sarah, the president said yesterday the US is ready to embrace peace. He’s calling for more economic sanctions on Iran’s already struggling economy. He did say that Iran is standing down. So why is the House…

  • White House Tries To Argue That Trump Wasn’t Really Impeached
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    White House Tries To Argue That Trump Wasn’t Really Impeached

    Right now the white house is crafting a new plan in their impeachment defense of Donald Trump, and that plan is this. The impeachment never actually happened and they’re basing that argument on an op-ed from a Harvard law professor by the name of Noah Feldman, who also happened to be one of the legal experts that the Democrats called in to testify during the impeachment proceedings. Mr Feldman is 100% in the belief that Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office. He does believe that Donald Trump committed those crimes, but at the same time, Mr Feldman argued in a recent op-ed that Donald Trump was not…

  • 92% Of Americans Believe Our Basic Rights Are Under Attack
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    92% Of Americans Believe Our Basic Rights Are Under Attack

    According to a new poll, 92% of American citizens believe that their rights, specifically most of the rights given to them in the bill of rights of the United States constitution are under attack. Here’s the way it breaks down. 48% say the freedom of speech is under attack. 47% say the right to bear arms is under attack, the right to equal justice. 41% say it’s under attack. Freedom of expression, 37% say it’s under attack. Freedom of religion, 35% say that it’s under attack and again, all this adds up to roughly 92% of the respondents in this new poll say that at least one American right is…

  • Republican Senator Blocks Legislation To Stop Foreign Election Interference
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    Republican Senator Blocks Legislation To Stop Foreign Election Interference

    Republican Senator Mike Crapo yesterday decided that we don’t need to secure our elections. We don’t need to prevent foreign countries from meddling in United States elections. And Crapo single handedly blocked a bill that had originally been put forward by democratic Senator Chris van Hollen and Republican Senator Marco Rubio. But Crapo blocked this bill that would have imposed sanctions on any country caught meddling in US elections within 30 days of them being caught. Sounds like a pretty fair bill, right? You meddle in our elections here in the United States. We’re going to put sanctions on your country. Don’t screw with our elections. Simple message. Now, Democrats…

  • Nikki Haley Defends Confederate Flag
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    Nikki Haley Defends Confederate Flag

    >>Foreign ambassador of the UN Nikki Haley, she went and it’s also speculated, 2020 VP running it. She went on with Glenn Beck and floated some conspiracy theories or some potential things about the Confederate flag that could possibly get her some more favor with the base. And how it doesn’t relate anything with the Charleston Church leader Dylann Roof. So let’s see what she had to say.>>These 12 people were amazing people, they love their church, they love their family, they love their community. And here is this guy that comes out with his manifesto holding the Confederate flag and had just hijacked everything that people thought of, and…

  • Courts Are Taking On Trump’s Emoluments Clause Violations This Week
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    Courts Are Taking On Trump’s Emoluments Clause Violations This Week

    This week, two separate courts, one in Washington DC and one in Virginia are going to be taking up cases brought by Donald Trump’s lawyers, appealed from lower courts about Donald Trump’s violations of the Constitution’s emoluments clause. Now, both of these lawsuits are saying that the president has been violating the emoluments clause of the constitution by still taking in the profits from his businesses, both here in the United States and the ones abroad, and they say that because you have foreign nationals who come and stay at his hotels over here and because you have US officials who stay in his properties overseas, specifically the one over…

  • GOP Candidate Pet-Killing Legislation
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    GOP Candidate Pet-Killing Legislation

    the nobody was there really well uh… in illinois is running for governor in there and he’s a republican you won the primary school confidence in the sense that you know when uh… the responses bill that i’ve been in favor proposed for awhile now what’s the bill about that’s not a big deal just mass euthanasia uh… acts dogs cats kittens pops that would appear to be a very bad move politically canady but if they are not reduces genius bilbray delivered right well come to find out yeah yet i was a bad mood and it turns out there’s places many dog owners in at illinois as voters…

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    Study Proves Americans, Not Chinese, Have Paid $40 BILLION For Trump’s Tariffs

    The New York federal reserve came out with a new study recently that blows a major hole in one of Donald Trump’s favorite talking points, and that is that China is the one paying those tariffs he put in place, don’t worry. American citizens, as he likes to tell us, China is paying those and the treasury is just rolling in that dough that Chinese dough, American citizens, you’re not paying a penny of this, don’t worry about it, but again, the New York federal reserve, the central bank came out and said, yeah, that’s not true at all. In fact, American citizens are paying for the tariffs. They’re the…