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    Missouri v. Holland Summary | quimbee.com

    – [Narrator] In Missouri verses Holland, the federal government’s treaty power flew strong when the United States Supreme Court upheld a statute that protected migratory birds. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson entered into a treaty with Great Britain that provided greater protection for migratory birds. To put the treaty into effect, Congress passed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 which prohibited the killing, capturing, or selling of birds protected by the treaty. Before the bird treaty was negotiated, there was an earlier attempt by Congress to protect migratory birds. Five years earlier, Congress, without a treaty, had passed a law regulating the killing of migratory birds, but a District…

  • Executive Power & the Louisiana Purchase
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    Executive Power & the Louisiana Purchase

    I think without a doubt, the Louisiana Purchase is one of the great turning points in American history. It’s hard to imagine the country succeeding the way it has without purchasing Louisiana. The Louisiana Purchase was the result of a treaty negotiated by Robert Livingston and James Monroe with, ah, Napoleon of France that gave the United States possession of a swath of territory that would cause us to double in size for $15,000,000, about three cents an acre. It was originally supposed to be the Louisiana Purchase because that’s all that Thomas Jefferson wanted, but the French, for a variety of reasons, offered this almost literally incredible deal. One…