• Scrap Universal Credit
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    Scrap Universal Credit

    Mr Speaker we have heard a lot of warm words from the Secretary of State and members on the Government benches about Universal Credit, but I was recently approached by a constituent who has had to give up a well-paid job because of severe anxiety and depression, and after a wait for Universal Credit, is going to be £400 a month worse off. So, will the Secretary of State disown the Prime Minister’s assertion that austerity is over? Because it certainly isn’t for people on Universal Credit.

  • Advanced Universal Credit Claims for Care Leavers
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    Advanced Universal Credit Claims for Care Leavers

    If you are leaving care and are coming up to your 18th birthday, you can make an advanced claim for Universal Credit. Your care worker or Jobcentre Work Coach can help you make this claim online. This can be done up to 21 days before your 18th birthday. These claims cannot be submitted until your 18th birthday but can be viewed and checked by a Work Coach at your pre claim interview. You will be invited to the pre claim interview once you can made your advanced claim. At the pre claim interview the Jobcentre will need to check your identification, check your bank account details, confirm that you are…

  • DWP: What is Universal Credit?
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    DWP: What is Universal Credit?

    Universal Credit is a new service that helps ensure you are better off in work than you are on benefits. It’s for people who are out of work or on a low income and is designed to make work pay. It replaces 6 benefits including Jobseeker’s Allowance, tax credits and Housing Benefit, with one single monthly payment. Universal Credit is usually claimed online. Your jobcentre can tell you about local places where you can access the internet for free. Universal Credit tops up your earnings when you start work or increase your hours. Your payment reduces gradually as you earn more, so you won’t lose all your benefits at once.…

  • Child Poverty In Fife | Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland
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    Child Poverty In Fife | Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland

    (Gentle piano and rain sounds) – It’s always on your mind. It’s always on your mind. I struggle with sleeping, general anxiety as well. I mean I find myself saying to my ten year old all the time. Are these trainers all right? You’re not getting picked on at school or anything? And just trying to quiz them for things that, I don’t want him to get picked on about and that’s always on your mind, it always in your head eh? (sustained distorted piano chord)(staccato white noise) – The age of irresponsibility, is giving way to an age of austerity. – They’re all good at shouting about that, shouting…

  • Landlords and Universal Credit
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    Landlords and Universal Credit

    DWP is working closely with landlords, like you, to help you understand how Universal Credit works for you and your tenants. My name’s David, I’m a housing officer. In terms of how Universal Credit has changed things, previously a lot of tenants were on full Housing Benefit or part Housing Benefit. We may not have any contact with them at any stage previously in their tenancy because payments were coming through automatically. Whereas with Universal Credit the payment will go to them directly. Universal Credit means that we’re here to try and help and engage with tenants and sustain their tenancy because it’s a sea change for them, whereas in…

  • Jeremy Corbyn says he will end Universal Credit at a Chingford rally
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    Jeremy Corbyn says he will end Universal Credit at a Chingford rally

    First off, we will change the name of the DWP [Department of Work and Pensions] to bring social security, real security for people. [applause] Now changing a name of course doesn’t do everything and so there’s a number of things that we will do leading up to scrapping universal credit in its entirety. [applause] First of all, we will end the capability for work assessment tests that go on and are so brutal to people in their lives. We will end the bedroom tax because it is unfair, unjust and wrong and punishing people. Thirdly, we will raise ESA by £30 per week in order to give people something reasonable…