• How to Fit a Universal Filter to Your Vacuum
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    How to Fit a Universal Filter to Your Vacuum

    Hi, I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video, I’ll show you how to fit this universal vacuum microfilter from Electruepart. If the microfilter in your vacuum cleaner has seen better days and it needs replacing, then this is the ideal solution for you. This universal filter fits many different types of vacuum cleaner and can be cut to size. Safety first always disconnect an appliance before carrying out any work. This filter is designed to fit many vacuum cleaner brands and models. But, you’ll need to ensure that this will fit your vacuum before you order it. So let’s talk about the size of this filter. The dimensions of this…

  • A guide to universal vacuum tools
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    A guide to universal vacuum tools

    Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares and I’m going to talk about universal vacuum tools. Now we always recommend that you get genuine replacement spare parts for your vacuum but when that’s not possible universal parts can be an inexpensive alternative. There are two types of universal tool, those with fixed diameter connections like these tools and there are those with adjustable diameter connections like these tools. What you’ve got to make sure that when buying your tool is that it will fix your vacuum’s extension tube. Now extension tubes come in load of different sizes but the most common sizes are 32mm like this tube and 35mm like these two…

  • Universal Vacuum Attachment Kits
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    Universal Vacuum Attachment Kits

    If the attachment tools for your vacuum are looking a bit tired or have broken, eSpares stocks two types of accessory kits to enable you to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner. The standard kit contains an adjustable floor tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush and two extension tubes. While the delux kit contains an adjustable floor tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush as well as a telescopic metal extension tube. The kits are available in both 32mm and 35mm options. So, to check which one you need, simply measure from outer most edge to outer most edge on your vacuum hose, which in this case…

  • Universal 30-37mm Vacuum Floor Tool
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    Universal 30-37mm Vacuum Floor Tool

    This is the universal 30mm to 37mm adjustable vacuum cleaner floor tool. It has both soft and hard floor settings, and will fit any vacuum extension tube and will fit any vacuum extension tube that has a diameter between 30mm and 37mm. To find out the diameter of your extension tube, simply measure the outermost edge to outermost edge of the tube. If it is between 30mm and 37mm, it will fit this tool. Basically, you just slot it in like that and then tighten as far as it will go. For the thinner extension tubes ,you will have to tighten a lot, you may even need to go down…

  • Warframe – Universal Vacuum
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    Warframe – Universal Vacuum

    This is a fucking vacuum. It’s a piece of shit. And this, is a waste of plastic. Luna, i am your fucking night mare. This piece of – Wait, i actually like- Aaaand What the fuck is that. It doesnt work it doesnt fucking work No, the other vacuum you idiot. Why exactly do you need a specific sentinel, and a mod, to pick up items from the floor, more efficiently? Since when such a simple convenience became obsolete? In the game, where thousands of items drop per each mission you either have to pick up each of them individually or give up cats, dogs, and about 7 other sentinels…