• Captain Fantastic: The Unofficial Reading List
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    Captain Fantastic: The Unofficial Reading List

    Captain Fantastic (2016) Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy (1975) The Brothers Karamazov (1880) Guns, Germs and Steel (1997) The Fabric of the Cosmos (2004) Chapter 12 “The World on a String” Middlemarch: a study of provincial life (1872) “No Fractura Hidráulica” Marxism in our Time (1975) Trotskyism and Maoism : theory and practice in France and the United States (1988) Stalinism: Russian and Western Views at the Turn of the Millennium (2004) Maoism in Action (1974) Three “Whys” of the Russian Revolution (1995) Scientific American – June 2014 Scientific American – May 2014 National Geographic – April 2014 “Unique and Other Modifiers” (englishplus.com) Fascism vs. Capitalism (2013) E-Book…

  • ZOMBIELAND: Is It Deep or Dumb? – Wisecrack Edition
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    ZOMBIELAND: Is It Deep or Dumb? – Wisecrack Edition

    Hey Wisecrack, Helen here. When you spend as much time thinking about movies as we do, sometimes you wonder if you’re just plain overthinking. Is You Got Mail a fun-loving rom-com or an Orwellian masterpiece? Is Hairspray a metaphor for the Cold War? And what’s the super secret meaning at the heart of The Sandlot? This is all to say — sometimes when you read a text too deeply, you go a bit cross-eyed. Which brings us to Zombieland, which we’ve probably watched dozens of times at this point. On the surface, the film seems like a pretty typical mainstream horror-comedy, leaning more on quippy one-liners than on plot or…