• C.A.R.E. – A Guide to Bystander Intervention
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    C.A.R.E. – A Guide to Bystander Intervention

    Nadia, hurry up. We’re going to be late. I am coming. Oh my God, yes. *Cheering Gryffindor!* *House music playing* Wooo look at you, you’re workin’ it tonight, D Gracias, it’s time to be fully me, you know? I love it, your whole team is turning heads tonight. *Laughter* I am so glad we came. Me too, lets dance! *Music playing* Hey gorgeous. Hey Evan! What’s up? I loved your presentation on feminists lit today. Really? Nice. Audre Lorde is my life. Only you would say that. Man, that’s what I like about you… You’re different. If I didn’t have a girlfriend already, I’d totally bang you. Uh-huh. Okay…. Ummm.…

  • Magdalena Cerda – Violence Intervention Study
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    Magdalena Cerda – Violence Intervention Study

    My name is Magdalena Cerda. I’m an associate professor at the University of California at Davis. My research tries to figure out what’s the optimal approach to prevent urban violence. So one of the leading approaches to prevent urban violence has been to invest in targeted policing in the most violent city neighborhoods. However there’s a lot of concern about police abuse. And this has led to a call for alternative approaches to violence prevention. One of the leading alternative approaches has been Cure Violence. In Cure Violence what are called interrupters and outreach workers who actually come from communities themselves, work with family members and friends of victims of…

  • What is a U Visa?
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    What is a U Visa?

    This is Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship Podcast. Every week, we bring you practice interviews, quizzes, resources, and the latest news that help you get ready for your US Citizenship interview. 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls. The campaign runs every year from November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to December 10th, Human Rights Day. You can learn more at UNWomen.org or check out the Twitter or Instagram hashtags #16days #16daysofactivism #OrangeTheWorld There is no citizenship interview or quiz today. Instead we’re going to talk about the USCIS U Visa: Relief for…

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    Hey everybody! I have an amazing special guest Dr. Alexa Altman is here to talk with us about what is trauma and resiliency. Since this is the first of many videos that Alexa and I are going to do together tell my audience a little bit about what you do and what your specializations are. I’m a clinical psychologist with a specialization in trauma therapies specifically, EMDR and somatic experiencing and both of those therapies help a person move out of the overwhelm that happens after a traumatic experience back into connection with their bodies, connection with other people, and a greater connection to their life. Very cool. Yeah, and…

  • Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine
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    Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

    So we’re outside a Ukrainian military base here in Crimea, but the soldiers over here are Russian They’re from the basin Sevastopol the Russian naval base And they showed up here early this morning tried to get into the base But the Ukrainian soldiers here told them that if they did they would fire back So there’s been quite a tense standoff here for the last few hours With the Ukrainians behind the gate here and the Russian seems to be Marines all along the perimeter of the base Russia’s Parliament has just authorized a military invasion of the Crimean, Peninsula here in Ukraine and what’s been happening so far…

  • Hotel Rwanda – How Can They Not Intervene? [HD]
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    Hotel Rwanda – How Can They Not Intervene? [HD]

    Paul, thank you for coming. The air conditioner’s on the blink. Is there any way you can have a look at it? – I’m just on a deadline. – Certainly. Fred, let me know when you get the satellite feed. Thanks. Mr. Fleming, I brought you some tea as well, sir. Thank you, Paul. You’re an oasis in the desert. …the elements of the government and army are following the example of what happened to the Americans in Somalia. I think they intend to intimidate us, try to attack us, and… hope that the West will pull all its troops out. – Do you think they’ll succeed? – No, they…

  • Bullying Road Sign #3 – Critical Interventions for 5-8 Years Old
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    Bullying Road Sign #3 – Critical Interventions for 5-8 Years Old

    How to Make a Bully from Scratch Interventions for Road Sign Three (3) – Difficulty with Relationships Now we’re going to talk about interventions for Road Sign Number Three (3) Difficulty with Friendships. As children move into the elementary ages and we’re talking now six to eight years of age, five to eight years of age, as they move into the elementary years they move further into the world friendships. A red flag at this age is children who do not and cannot maintain and sustain friendships. That is not a phase, it is a red flag and we need to see these signs and act accordingly. Now as I…

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    The incredible history of the 2nd Amendment and America’s gun violence problem | Jill Lepore

    One of the more interesting theories about the nature of gun violence in the United States and the quite high homicide rate in the United States, both of which distinguish the United States from other similar nations, has to do with at what moment in time the United States became independent and why the Second Amendment ends up in the Bill of Rights, which is written by Madison. In the theory it is that most states, that is nation states, pursued a historical course that led to the state having a monopoly on violence before the state became fully democratized, that is to say the government essentially seizes the weapons…

  • Bullying Road Sign #4 – Critical Interventions for 8-12 Years Old
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    Bullying Road Sign #4 – Critical Interventions for 8-12 Years Old

    How to Make a Bully from Scratch Interventions for Road Sign Four (4) – Social Exclusion and “I Don’t Care” Language, 8-12 year-olds Here are some interventions for road sign number 4 “I Don’t Care.” Now when you hear a child chronically saying, “I don’t care” that is a red flag. All kids are going to say, “whatever, I don’t care.” We’re talking about kids ages 8 to 12 years old, so you going to get that every now and then. I’m talking about the chronically “I don’t care” that no matter what you think you’re going to offer them, what kind of punishment or consequence they say, “I don’t…

  • Preventing Firearm-Related Injury and Death: A Targeted Intervention
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    Preventing Firearm-Related Injury and Death: A Targeted Intervention

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to preventing firearm-related injury and death, a targeted intervention. My name’s Garen Wintemute. I’m an ER doc and I became involved in firearm-violence prevention because I believe there is a moral imperative to prevent firearm-related harm that’s every bit as compelling as the moral imperative to treat it. There is a practical reason too. Most people who die from firearm injuries never make it to the hospital. They die where they’re shot. To prevent deaths from firearms, we need to prevent people from getting shot in the first place. I’m Emmy Betz, and I’m joining the conversation from the University of Colorado, School of Medicine. I’m also…