• What Countries Have Tried Universal Basic Income? | NowThis World
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    What Countries Have Tried Universal Basic Income? | NowThis World

    What happens when a government gives their citizens free money? And – if it’s coming from the government – is it really free? l Hey guys, I’m Alex, this is NowThis World, and on this episode, we’re talking about Universal Basic Income, what it is, and why it’s becoming a popular subject of debate. Following recent news that Finland opted out of continuing its UBI pilot program beyond 2018, economists are questioning the sustainability of the controversial model. We’re taking a look at local and national governments around the world that have given it a shot – and diving into the question: could a universal basic income work for the…

  • What is Universal Basic Income?
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    What is Universal Basic Income?

    Nothing undermines life more than insecuritybut for too many, the last few decades have become ever more insecure.Work is less certain and more stressful,especially for those on average incomes and lower —and we have a tax and benefits system that is complex and sometimes punitive.We could do something completely different,like give a basic monthly payment to every single citizen.This is called a Basic Income.It’s a centuries-old idea favoured by philosophers,social reformers, civic leaders and across the political spectrum.And it could help us meet our needs today.Basic Income would provide a platform to smooth the life transitionsmillions of us will face in coming years,including changes that may come from technology.It’s the…

  • 💰 Universal Basic Income | Pros and Cons | UBI
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    💰 Universal Basic Income | Pros and Cons | UBI

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to the 1970s soviet country, and return to our times with then-popular maxim: “Down you lie or up you stand, either way you’ll earn a grand”? Every citizen in our country would have full-time employment and a fixed salary regardless of the results of their work, and regardless of whether they would try their best or not. But perhaps we should go even further than that. Let the government pay regardless of employment status. From then on, you would not have to worry about your day-to-day survival. You could spend your time on your education and development, without…