• Новая поправка в Конституцию даёт возможность Путину остаться Президентом России и дальше
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    Новая поправка в Конституцию даёт возможность Путину остаться Президентом России и дальше

    March 10, 2020, happened unexpected. First State The Duma, for the most part, and in face of Karelin, and Valentina Tereshkova … together suddenly expressed concern type of how we will live without president Putin. So many problems, and around and on the nose – and coronavirus recently “crept up”, and a sharp drop in oil income from which it seems a new world begins the crisis… After that he came to the State Duma and Vladimir Putin. And almost immediately surprised many and someone completely stunned … Thanked for trust said about inadmissibility establish irremovability President in Russia – on an example of many of our neighbors, which splinters…

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    The Impact of Brexit on Data Privacy legislation

    So, in the data privacy world there’s been a lot of focus on the increased complexity that’s gonna come at the end of the transition period in respect of data flows. What has been less focused on is the change to the risk landscape that companies are gonna have to deal with. So, on complexity, a lot of this comes from the fact that there’s going to be dual regimes companies are going to have to comply with in the privacy sphere, the UK regime and the EU regime. And, whilst they’re going to start off being aligned, they inevitably will diverge, at least in parts over time. And, likewise,…

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Review – New UK Proposals
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    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Review – New UK Proposals

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Al Mangan, and I’m joined today by Carolyn Krampitz from our Hamburg office. We’re here to give you a four minute summary of government proposals to start screening foreign direct investment, known as FDI, into the UK. It’s clear that the proposal will have a major impact on our clients, one in which AG is well-placed to advise. Currently, for transactions exceeding certain thresholds, the Secretary of State can intervene on the basis of public interest considerations like national security, media plurality, and the stability of the financial system. The Competition and Markets Authority, or CMA, then conducts a review similar to the one it’s just…

  • Trailer SING VEN Y CANTA (Universal Pictures) En Español Latino
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    Trailer SING VEN Y CANTA (Universal Pictures) En Español Latino

    Ready for the show? How are those invitations Miss Croli? Ready to give them away (music sound) Goodbye Keila, goodbye Role, goodbye Mik, goodbye, Mel, goodbye Nelson, goodbye Hanna, goodbye Ted, goodbye Casper. Hey, hey, who you think you …! A singing competition! Just imagine… your neighbor… the- the store manager… the hen, over there! Everyone in the city will have a chance to be a star live on my stage Are you ok? I’m fine, thanks And you all? Stop there! Let’s go, let’s go now! You were supposed to be watching! I’m sorry dad.. My theater is now going through a bad streak time So, what do I…

  • Property Tax Legislation 2017: Webinar 5
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    Property Tax Legislation 2017: Webinar 5

    good morning. my name is Jon Klockziem, property tax acting director at the Department of Revenue. on behalf of the Department of Revenue welcome to our fifth webinar covering property tax legislation enacted in 2017. to those of you that participated in our other webinars welcome back. for those of you that are joining for the first time we’re glad you are here. on your computer screen we will be walking through some different information. you may need to periodically wiggle your mouse to avoid the screen saver kicking in. your microphones should be muted. this will eliminate background noise and help the speaker be heard. your microphones will remain…

  • Mere Sai – Ep 624 – Full Episode – 13th February, 2020
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    Mere Sai – Ep 624 – Full Episode – 13th February, 2020

    It will fetch you so much money that you can recover your principle amount and the interest from it, sir. Either you are a fool or you think that I am biggest fool in this world. These necklaces are worth not more than ten rupees. The worth of this would be five rupees. So, totally it becomes fifteen rupees. That is the interest amount. What about the principle amount? But all these are gold necklaces. Of course, you, me and even he knows that they are gold necklaces. But they are very light in weight. It would have been a different matter if they were heavy. Go and come back…

  • ✅ NO puedo INSTALAR Windows 10 DESDE USB | 𝗦𝗢𝗟𝗨𝗖𝗜𝗢𝗡
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    ✅ NO puedo INSTALAR Windows 10 DESDE USB | 𝗦𝗢𝗟𝗨𝗖𝗜𝗢𝗡

    In the description of this video, you have the link to the FULL TUTORIAL in text and more info We will restart our computer to enter the BIOS To reset the BIOS we will use the keys according to the PC brand. To find out which one to use, see the “BIOS Keys” link in the description Let’s go to the Boot category. We will choose the “Removable Devices” option, if the first one does not appear, we will scroll it with the “+” button We will save the changes with the key indicated, in this case F10 Our system will reboot and we will see how you already recognize…

  • The Making of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride – Universal Orlando (2012) [HD] (CC)
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    The Making of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride – Universal Orlando (2012) [HD] (CC)

    Greetings recruits, welcome to my home. I am Gru mastor villain, scourge of humanity.>>>Don’t be scared of Gru, he’s just a big bald teddy bear.>>>So you want to be a Minion? Your training will begin soon, but be warned danger lurks… at every turn.>>>Your so doomed.>>>Let’s do this!>>>You will be transformed in to Minions. You’ll all be great Minions I can tell.>>>Yea, we can train them! Look out Minions! Don’t get fly swatted. Want to know who my favorite Minion is… You are! Well, not yet actually but you will be soon. mum

  • Total War Rome 2 Icènes Let’s Play #11 [FR]
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    Total War Rome 2 Icènes Let’s Play #11 [FR]

    lapierre and welcome to this sequel to my lot flame 2 total war today we are going to exterminate this army which is to entrench on the beaches therefore we will send i think this one for that it happens a little so that are his weapons and they can progress anyway normally we are pretty many so it’s gone beyond here that’s good i think we’re going to do it you will say i play way too many battles but good at the less there is a show go this is gone we meet at the end of loading ok re everyone so welcome to this first enemy camp…