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    We will try like that. So be aware that this video will be just as good for girls as it is for boys! Because here, we exclude nobody! The objective of this video will be to make you want to talk about this subject at home! With your parents, your brothers and sisters, your children … Your boyfriend or girlfriend … Your friends, your students! With this video, I want languages ​​to loosen! I would really love to see girls and boys come together around this theme! And regardless of your age, I want us to break this taboo together! Our specialist of the day is called Véronica. She is…

  • AP NSL Rocks (“Rachs”): The Bill of Rights feat. Sergei Rachmaninoff
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    AP NSL Rocks (“Rachs”): The Bill of Rights feat. Sergei Rachmaninoff

    The first amendment gives us freedoms Free speech and press, and free exercise Congress shall make no law establishing a national religion Next up, amendment two The right to bear your arms To protect your state with militias Amendment three keeps your free From some soldiers quartering in your house Next, amendment four Your houses, papers and effects are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures And now, amendment five Can’t deprive life, liberty without due process of law Guaranteed grand jury And you can’t be tried double jeopardy And the right to remain silent Sixth amendment, speedy public trial by impartial jury And witnesses, and assistance of counsel for defense…

  • Kutuzov (1943) movie
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    Kutuzov (1943) movie

    Kutuzov Produced by MOSFILM, 1943. Art Director I. Pyryev Written by Vladimir Solovyov Directed by Vladimir Petrov Assistant Director – M. Yegorov Cinematography – Mikhail Gindin Production design – V. Yegorov Composer – Yuri Shaporin Sound – A. Korobov Assistant Operator – A. Prieszhev Trick Photography: Camera – B. Aretzky, Backgrounds – F. Krasny, M. Semionov Consultants: Professor Ye. Tarle, Major-General N. Talensky Associate producer – Ya. Antselovich Cast: Kutuzov – Aleksei Dikij Commander First Russian Army General Barclay de Tolly – Nikolai Okhlopkov Commander Second Russian Army General Bagration – Sergo Zakhariadze Chief of the Russian Headquarters General Bennigsen – Vladimir Gotovtsev Napoleon – Semion Mezhinsky Chief of the…

  • Video 3 – Your Health Information, Your Rights
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    Video 3 – Your Health Information, Your Rights

    – [Voiceover] You need to know and understand your right to access your health information and medical records. This short educational video includes key information to help you better understand your rights regarding your health information and your right to provide access to others of your choosing including family members, caregivers, or a mobile device application, often called an app. – [Voiceover] Your right to access or see and get a copy of your health information is regulated by a law known as the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 or HIPAA for short. HIPAA is designed to work for you. – [Voiceover] During an annual check up…

  • Universal Success Tips for Graduates.
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    Universal Success Tips for Graduates.

    The best advice about universal success for graduates. Welcome to Wisdom N Lore. The Universal Guide to a Balanced Life. Please like and Subscribe. I am your host Victor Guittard. In one of his books. Bill Gates talks about how feel-good, politically-correct teachings. Created a full generation of young people with no concept of how the real world can work for you and against you. And how that is a constant set-up for failure when you believe you are “entitled” to something. I want to pass it on. 1. Life is not fair, get used to it. 2. The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you…

  • How To Claim For Damaged or Lost Baggage
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    How To Claim For Damaged or Lost Baggage

    Air travel can be hard on your luggage. That’s a fact, bags can get beaten up, damaged, delayed and sometimes even disappear completely. In any case, no one likes bad stuff happening to their bags when they travel. Here’s some good news though, claiming compensation for lost or damaged baggage with AirHelp couldn’t be easier. Did you know that the average compensation from an airline for lost or damaged luggage is anywhere from $1,525 to $3,500? That’s because of US and Montreal Convention air passenger rights laws. In fact, the Montreal Convention covers 120 nations across the world for issues related to baggage. So if you arrive at your destination…

  • SJSU Constitution Day 2019
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    SJSU Constitution Day 2019

    Every September, San Jose State University celebrates the U.S. Constitution on “Constitution Day” In 2019, we celebrate the First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances We’ll be on campus to help you contact your elected representatives and let them know what’s on your mind Whether it’s the president, Your Senators, Your Member of the House of Representatives, the Governor, Your member of the state legislature, or the mayor of your city or town, We’ll have lots of laptops on hand and experts to help So come give your representatives a piece of your mind! at Constitution Day 2019 Tuesday, September 17, 2019

  • BeyondTrust Universal Privilege Management (UPM)
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    BeyondTrust Universal Privilege Management (UPM)

    Most critical cybersecurity breaches involve the exploitation of improperly managed privileges, that attackers use to infiltrate and move laterally across networks. The number of privileges across your environment is constantly expanding. So how can you protect your organization from this explosion of privileges? It requires going beyond just securing passwords … … to a modern approach that secures every user, session, and asset across your enterprise. The BeyondTrust Universal Privilege Management Model, secures and manages privileges across your entire landscape. The BeyondTrust platform enables three integrated solutions that drastically reduce your attack surface and windows of exposure, while boosting business productivity. Privileged Password Management helps you discover, onboard, manage, and…