Tan France Gives John Mulaney a Hypebeast Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke
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Tan France Gives John Mulaney a Hypebeast Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hello, I’m Tan France
and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. I’m gonna push their style game so hard. Wanna watch? – Hello, I’m Tan France. Shit. – Your line is “I’m John Mulaney.” – Hi, I’m John Mulaney. Hello, Tan France. – Hello, John Mulaney. – How are you? – Good, thanks. No. – Okay. (upbeat music) – [Tan] Hello, John. – [John] Hello, Tan. – Thank you so much
for joining me on this. – It’s my absolute pleasure. – You dress wonderfully. – Thank you. – Well, I think you can do even better. So, I know that you probably think that we’re here for me to take you shopping, and I will get to that
point at some point. However, I do want to
start by watching you shop. So, we’re gonna take 10 to 15 minutes, you’re gonna go and do
whatever you want to do. – You’re literally gonna
watch me touch clothes? – I’m literally gonna watch you. It’s like shopping porn. Should we do this? 15 minutes? – 15 minutes. – I don’t know if it’s just people my age are now styling things,
but I’ve probably owned both of these from like
OshKosh B’gosh when I was six. First grade, picture day. – So you go for clothes that
remind you of something. – Yes, I think I’m chasing something. – What is that, youth? – Yes, definitely. (both laugh) – How old are you, John? – I’m 36. – You’re literally my age. – You’re 36? – Yeah. We dress slightly
at a different age. – In a different age how? – I’d assumed you were slightly older. – Oh, wow. Hmm. You know there was a time when people always thought
I was younger than I was. People would say, “How old are you?” and I would say, “I’m 25.” And they would go, “What? You look 21!” And I was thinking to
myself as I told him my age that he was about to say, “What? You look so much
younger than that.” To find out that he thought
that I was older is, it’s devastating. – You have a very young face. – I know that. – But, with your dresses, especially on stage I assumed
you were a little older. – It’s just gonna work its way into the back of my brain. – I should’ve established
before we got going whether you can handle harsh
realities of Tan France. – Oh, I love harsh realities. (Tan laughs) – Okay, great! (camera shudders) Do you see yourself in a full track suit? – Yes. – Yes. – Do you know why I like it? – I don’t. – This is what I’m
wearing, yeah, fuck you. – I like that attitude. – You know, I switched
clothes with Pete Davidson one night on stage. – You did? – And it was one of the few times that I haven’t worn a suit on stage, but I wore SpongeBob pants and a large– – I know exactly which ones you mean. (John laughs) I know his wardrobe quite well. – He’s the only one who owns them. – Yes, he sure is. – The most flammable SpongeBob pants in the Americas. And I thought to myself on stage, this person gives a fuck
about what you think as much as someone in a very nice suit. (camera shudders) – Are you trying to be a different version of the 30-something-year-old? – Absolutely. – The hipper version? Can we say hipper or younger? – Authoritative. – Ah! – Now let me say this,
when I’m not in a suit I feel like I have no authority. I don’t know how to
dress as a 36-year-old, or as you would say maybe a 52-year-old, when I’m not wearing a suit and tie. I just want to point out how
much this doesn’t work for me. – I actually think you’re wrong. – What? – Yeah. – This? – Do you want me to show
you how wrong you are? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s take it. – Let’s take it. (camera shudders) – Here we are. Okay, can we talk first
about performer John Mulaney. You have, from what I’ve seen, two Netflix specials? – Yes. – On the two that I have seen, you were wearing a suit. Where did that guy come from? – I was doing a show and I was wearing a flannel
button-down and jeans, and everyone in the audience was wearing a flannel button-down and jeans. And I thought there’s no reason– – You thought, I’m better than them! – Absolutely. But you are. (Tan laughs) And in that moment you are their superior because you are the entertainer and you are at their service, right? Because they paid. I do believe we pay to see people who are better than us. I don’t like when rock
stars jump into the crowd. I want them to stay on
stage and be rock stars. – I like that you like a boundary. – Well, I always wanted
to be an entertainer in the fifties, roughly. So I was never quite, I said why did this feel
like how I wanted it. And then I started
wearing a suit on stage, and I said this is exactly
the way I want it to be. – But I think the tides are turning. I don’t think that just because you’re 36 you have to dress older. How do I say it? We still want to be fuckable. – Oh, yeah. Right. – You’re a respectable man. – Sure. – But I want you to be a fuckable man. – Ah, okay. I’d love to reshoot those two specials. (Tan laughs) And we will call it Fuckable to the Extent That Neflix will Allow
That to be the Title. – Maybe there’s some asterisk you can use and we can get away with it. – No, I want the full word. – John Mulaney, finally fuckable! – Finally fuckable. (camera shudders) – A couple of things
you said you can’t do. You can’t wear pink and you also mentioned
linen wrinkled suits. However, I kind of want
you to give this a go. But instead of using a button up shirt, which is your go-to, and a tie, I want to make it a little more youthful so I want to put a Henley underneath. What do you wear on the red carpet? – I go for a bigger look
than I normally wear. – Okay. And you’re go-to pose please, sir. You have a camera? Oh, John, John, John. – You want to see what I actually do? – Yes! – So there’s always a person who seems upset directing the red carpet. – [Tan] Always. – Always. And this is overworked person. It’s not always a blonde
woman, but yes it is. – And her name’s always Brittany. (John laughs) Always. – First move is false humility,
which is look at the mark as if I’ve never been
on a red carpet before. (Tan laughs) – Yes! – So I go. – No! You do every time? – This is just my first time. I’m just happy to be here.
– Yeah, oh my gosh. I’m so innocent. Yeah. – So a lot of photos going… (Tan laughs) There’s only a few places hands can go. – [Tan] Not where they are right now. – This looks natural? – Yes. – With these fucking long swinging? – Yeah. When you’re doing this, I don’t know if it’s John
Mulaney or John Mulaney Sr. Hello, sir, I’ve come
to be on a red carpet and I would like my photo taken. Will you be my photographer? – Absolutely. – I step on the red carpet. – Tan, Tan! Hold on, let me put on a big, weird lens. Tan! (Tan laughs) Down here there’s always one person. – Okay, you just move your
feet from side to side. You’re dong a lean. – All right. – Do your lean again. No! When I say lean, I’m not saying do this. – [John] Okay, fair. Do we bend the knee? – No, (laughs) no we don’t bend the knee. And I’m just dropping my hip. So much better. John, you look so much more powerful. Okay, so we’re gonna go one more time. – Brittany’s put me on my mark. – Oh, John, give us your best shot. (Tan laughs) – John! Maybe if you felt really good
in what you were wearing, maybe it’s gonna give you
a more commanding stance. – Yeah, absolutely. – John, are you ready? – [John] Coming. – Are we joyous? You know how I said my goal
is to make you fuckable? And I just need to, you look hot! – This works? – Works for me. And if it works for this gay it’s probably gonna work with women too. It still feels very much
John but 36-year-old John. I think that with this top underneath it makes you feel cool instead of daddy. – Uh huh. – And I think that was my biggest concern with your suits before. You looked very classic
but you look liked a dad. – Really? – You know what I will say is that the reason I think it looks younger it that it looks more streetwear. You can take off this jacket. You look super stylish. You look European. Who doesn’t want to look European? – Oh, that’s key, yeah. – We’re gonna do a quick
step and repeat moment. John, please step on the red carpet, thank you so much, John, John, John, yeah. Here’s our fuckable John. Everyone, everyone, everyone,
here’s our fuckable John. You look great! – Thank you, Tan. – I’d do ya. (camera shudders) Okay, is there anything on
here you might want to try? No? Okay, great. Well, let’s go for this. I want to see you in something Pete Davidson. – Ah, okay. This feels a little– – On the nose Pete, yeah. – Sex and the City 2, yeah. (Tan laughs) – I was hoping you might appreciate these. – Oh, these are absurd, that’s great. These like clip into skis. Oh, wow. – It’s what the kids are doing. – Are they really? Are they really, truly
weighing themselves down? I’m gonna put all of these
clothes on right now? – All of them. Yes, please. Are we feeling hip? Are we feeling cool? – We’re feeling hype and strong. – Bring it on, let’s see it. (hip-hop music) ♪ I tell the girls say they like me ♪ ♪ Wanna get up with my clique ♪ ♪ Wanna get up with my clique ♪ ♪ Get up with my clique ♪ – Hey, Tan. – It’s not working because it’s not– – [John] What’s not working? – You’re not getting
enough shape across there so this is gonna help. I want to know what you think. – This is like a narc. A narc is an adult who pretends
to be a teen using drugs. None of it works, does it? – Shall we strip off a couple of layers and see if that helps. – Absolutely, do whatever you need to. – Okay, great, so let’s take– – These are about $800
shirts and so forth, so can the youth really afford this? – Well, it’s a certain
subsection (laughs) of the youth. It’s slightly better. – Yeah. – There’s no saving it. – No, you don’t like it at all. – No, I’m really angry. – [John] Okay. – I have never want to hit you more. – I don’t love this person. – Try that. All joking aside– – Who’s selling ectasy? I’m part of your squad. (Tan laughs) – Light jean, should we try it? – I think we should try to do what we can to salvage this moment. – Yeah, thank you so much. I will bring you shoes. All right, John. Did that help? (intense music) That helped! Do I think it’s you still? No. – Of course not. – But it helped. – Will this ever be in
my life, this sweatshirt? – I don’t think so. – Okay, interesting. – And I think that is a really good thing. – Okay, great. – Should we find a look that is finally like the version of John
that I think should be? – That’s all I’ve ever wanted. – Great. Okay, you said you don’t think
you could ever wear this. I disagree, I think
it’s really nice, basic. But what do you think of that? – I’d like it to work. – John Mulaney. – Yeah? – Well, come and show yourself. You look hot! If you walked into the house after a long day’s work looking like that, I’d be like bitch, take your clothes off. You look great. Can I see your bum? – Sure. – You’ve got a good bum! – That’s nice of you to say. – You got really red all of a sudden, but let me tell you you’ve
got a really good bum! Look at it! You just need to wear
jeans like this more often. You said they were too
tight, but they’re actually– – They’re snug. Thank you, Tan, I really like this. – You do? You’ve actually got
a legit smile on your face. That makes me really happy. – Yeah, it’s great. – You look cool without trying too hard, sophisticated so you look age appropriate but like a cool 36. – Like you. – Like me. You look like Tan France. – I think we went through
a bit of a DSQUARED valley. We were lost. – Yeah, we were lost for a moment. I wasn’t happy where we were. – No, you weren’t. – But I feel like we’ve found ourselves in the most beautiful spot. – Between blush and this, I think it’s really been a revealing day– – I know. – In terms of what pink I can wear. – I wanna do something
called quick change. – Okay. – So you want to change out of the things that you’ve won all day, but
you don’t have that much time. You’ve got two minutes, quick change. – That’s normally the situation. – Good. (camera shudders) I want to give you a neutral base layer so we can play with a few options. – Did you have a (mumbles)
when you were younger? – No, I wish I did. I feel like I missed on on
the cool, young experience. – Yeah, me too, everyone else did it. – And then it gets a little
bit colder in the evening. Oh, no, I better put a jacket on. Well, you’ve got the perfect one here. It’s a beautiful coat. What do you think? Do we like the outfit? – I like it a lot. – Nice and simple? – Nice and simple. That’s a two-minute change. That’s all you need. – I know, that’s what I’ve
been saying all along. Next day you’re throwing
your clothes on the floor, you’re still gonna wear the same shirt. – Do you throw your clothes on the floor? – No, absolutely not. I assume you do which is why I said that. – I do sometimes. – Straight men. And this is the jacket
that you said you liked and you would purchase. – But I was curious about
it, just for the record. – I would like to give it a go. – Yeah, that jacket works. – It works! Did we nail it? And I’m not even kidding when I ask this. – I’m very happy to say
we nailed a new genre of off stage John. – All right, it was a success. John Mulaney, fuckable again. (camera shudders) (upbeat music) I hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dressing Funny. It’s simple, tell me which
of these outfits you loved. Comment below, subscribe, and also I wanna know who you want me to have on the show next.


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