Teacher PRANKS Class to Teach an EPIC Lesson About Freedom | Field Tripped
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Teacher PRANKS Class to Teach an EPIC Lesson About Freedom | Field Tripped


  • Terry Tracy

    this is good however….the constitution isnt just about protest..its about Laws and Constitutional rights to We The People…it limits what Government power over us is established…Amendments are there to protect us from a Tyranical Goverment..for the forefathers knew the hearts of men and lived in a world ruled by Monarchs…so just remember…The Constitution is for our protection from the Goverment not the Governments rights over us….thats why it says We The People…not We the Government. A Government Big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it all as well…stay alert. Honor those who Sacrificed so much for that Document to be our standing Law and Protection.

  • Will Whitman

    While a good lesson it missed a key point, make sure that what you are condemning or wanting change to is good and right for multiple reasons and facets, not just because you don't like it or agree with it, it must be for the good and betterment of the whole and not the few. Understanding of both sides and viewpoints is necessary. Also at the end you hear the students using the the word "protest" but many today do not understand the difference between protest and rioting, peaceful versus harmful. Still a good lesson but a little lacking.

  • Chelsey Kirsten

    I went to an alternative high school that had a class called "Life Skills" and then every new student enrolled had to take this class that lasted 5 weeks. It was amazing! It was like cooking, finance, health, communication skills. It was AWESOME

  • Brenden Fullmer

    Most kids don't go to prom, and a lot of kids don't even want to walk on graduation anymore though- they'd rather stay home. I wish the principle had a better threat- most every kid would un-sign if the threat was about graduating highschool, and half of those who didn't erase their name were probably too lazy or don't think that keeping their name there will harbor serious consequences. Great idea though, I wish I had a teacher like you in my highschool years– and a principle willing to play along with a prank.

  • Saved by Grace

    Was this prank carried out before or after democrats started their unconstitutional resistance movement that needs martyrs to help them to grab power after they've lost free and fair democratic elections?

  • Patrol Pilot

    Excellent teacher. Great lesson. Nothing comes free, everything has a cost, how hard are you willing to work to get it.

  • GameShowEducator

    I'm "borrowing" this as a history teacher. This is very creative, engaging, and makes the content come to life.

  • Julie Robinson

    Great teacher! He fleshed out the constitution for his students. They will remember this for a long time!

  • dogs_adorable

    In sixth grade my teacher wrote a breakup letter and read it and wrote the initials of the irl people and she said guess who it is,

  • m a d i s s o n

    K but like why was no one disappointed at the end…I would've gotten my hopes up for all the future changes 😂

  • Mary Harrison

    I was afraid of that principal, and I KNEW he was part of the lesson. I bet that teacher couldn't help feeling a little shiver.

  • Sophia Bobia

    My teacher did something like this: she said that the school said when you made copies there was a tax, to give a small simulation of the stamp act.

  • Jasmine

    What am I willing to sacrifice for my happiness? It's caring about people's opinions of me. I worry too much about how or what people would say to the point where I don't even go out at times. I care too much about what people would say or think concering my clothes, hair, ect. I'm done with that & will for now on care about what I-THINK & what makes Me-Happy!! 👍❤😘😉

  • shadowmink888


  • Alex

    My teacher wrote an anonymous break up letter and said that he found it in one of the desks. It was written by AC or American colonies and was given to KG or King George.

  • dano r

    He's a history teacher?  He doesn't know why John Hancock's signature is in the most prominent place (1st) and the biggest?  How about the fact he was President at the time of the signing.  Yes there were 7 Presidents before Washington.  They are now referred to as the Presidents of the Continental Congress.  In case you're wondering, John Hanson was the 1st President of this.  We did need a President (leader) when we went to war with England.

  • Emma B

    My PSE teacher did something like this for us, except were not from the US, so it was more of a general, what would you give up to change something you believed in, sort of thing. We wanted to change extremely simple things, but things that would make us a lot happier like do more charity days, to allow us to wear non-uniform (yes, we would literally pay to not wear uniform), and for us to be allowed to use the 3G pitch at lunch to play football (soccer). When we were told that everyone that signed would go into isolation for a week, weren't allowed to go to any school events ever again, and weren't allowed to go on any trips ever again, our teacher let anyone take their name off. Everyone in the class took their name off except for me, and my friend Ben.

  • Arturo Olvera

    These kids have no spice, then again I'm a bit of a variable because I always stand on principle regardless of the consequences. That and well I am more than willing to threaten a teacher or principle if they are not complying with the law.

  • Controller Thumbs

    I don’t want more career based classes I want classes that would teach me valuable stuff. I don’t know if I can post this comment due to talking bout another channel, “Don’t stay in school” by boyinaband (his channel is boyinaband) he is not saying anything about school rules or anything sexist. it’s a song about how school teaches you about things that you hardly use in life but they don’t teach you about what to expect as an adult, and it’s rap might have some cursing, but he makes some really good arguments.

  • Jade Daly

    “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal” and when I meet Thomas Jefferson Imma compel him to include women in the sequal

  • E Braam

    Also, all the points that the students want for their should should be reinforced in every school tho. A class called ‘life’, sign me up.

  • LoveIsTheAnswer

    There is a true life teacher that did the same sort of social experiment (prank) for an entire semester and they made a movie about it. Its called 'The Wave'. Google it. Its a great movie!

  • A Dominguez

    Totally wrong!!! The teacher accentuated attitude and forcefulness to get what you want, without realizing all the facts or consequences. Fascism, globalism, AND racism are being used as weapons by SJW and yet that is exactly for what they say they are fighting. These young people are learning to be bullies through exercises like this instead of being taught to do research and learn what is truly behind all issues and what the consequences will be. This teacher punked them to teach a bad lesson all in the name of trying to be cool. The principal didn't even know any better. For America's Independence the petitions didn't work. The United States had to go to war. The teacher didn't mention War but the students know what happened. The students learned to fight for what you want even if it means with your fists. Common Core… The dumbing-down of America!!!!!

  • assindiastignani

    Great Clip!! The teacher was super and the principal was totally cool (and really hot…just saying). Man, he could give me detention anytime.

  • Adam Sternberg

    The real sad part about this video is that not one person questioned whether or not the principal's rant was fake or not, given the fact that this incident was being filmed.

  • JCmtw Biz

    I had a teacher exactly like this in 7th grade his name was mr. Nguyen and now I am 32 yrs old. So it’s great to hear there are still great teachers out there. But now I wonder what my teacher is doing right now. Bc I remember he always said there was always a meaning to his madness. Now I understand what he meant.

  • Karina T

    Nice lesson 🙂 It would have also been a great way to point out that ppl should research the facts they are being given. By pointing out there was no particular rule in the book, the kids should have learnt that not everything they are being told is the truth and they should do their own research. So many ppl believe everything they see/hear and never check out the facts. 'But I saw it on Facebook' is not a valid argument for anything. Do your own research and make a valid, considered thought. 🙂

  • NoviRose 6

    I wish I could respect a lot of the "founding fathers" but I can't respect a group of racists. Some of the work they did was good and set America up for good laws, but I still can't respect them.

  • Foul Lily

    man if we had a Life class in school, i might not have quit early xP what people are suggesting to schools in a "Life" class sounds like so much fun

  • chrissy

    *nobodyiy goes up to sign it * “Wait he said we aren’t walking at graduation, do we still get our diploma?”
    “Yes you just aren’t walking.”
    *everybody goes up to sign it *

  • Elena Gibbons

    “You have five kids to feed and twenty bucks”. Get a 50 chicken nuggets with three containers of fries and McDonald’s. Boom done.

  • Rozanna Eastland

    If our founding fathers were willing to risk their lives their freedoms for the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, what would they have to protect themselves from tyrannical rule and an invasion if our government took away all their guns……….that is what gun rights is all about………not so you can shoot a deer in your back yard. Think about it……….foreign (other countries) and domestic (your own government, your own people) tyrannical rule/ country and home invasion……….

  • Muhammet AYDIN-English In Street Official


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