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Teacher Stories – Universal American School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My name is Gillian King and I’m from Canada
and I’ve been at UAS now for two years. One of the best thing I think about working
at UAS is the community of teachers that we have here. I think right away when I first
got to UAS, I felt really welcomed, I felt that everybody was very helpful, you know.
Any questions or concerns I had about anything, the administration has a great open door policy
where you know, they are always willing to help you out any way they can.
Lifelong learning as a teacher is probably one of the most important things in this profession.
To me lifelong learning means that you know, you are always trying to improve your craft,
you’re always trying to find out what new ways of teaching are available, what new resources
are available, how people are doing things differently in different schools and how you
can then take that information and implement them to your own classroom.
Esol Education is great and that they do provide a lot of professional development opportunities
for teachers, support staff to help all of those position within the school. I know I’ve
gone on numerous professional development opportunities within Dubai, but I know there’s
a lot of teachers that also get those opportunities outside of Dubai as well.
One of the best things probably about working in Dubai is what an easy city it is to adjust
to. I’ve had opportunity to live in a lot of different countries and I think by far
Dubai has been a city where you sort of instantly feel at home. Because you have so much available
to you, you know there’s not a lot of things from your home country that you’re missing
out on.

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