Terms of Engagement: More Constitution Less Government
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Terms of Engagement: More Constitution Less Government

Bulldozing a working-class neighborhood
with eminent domain Requiring florists to have a state license
Forcing Americans into government managed health care A new book from the Institute for
Justice explains what all of these things have in common and what must be
done. The Constitution imposes significant
limits on government power. But our courts, for the most part, do not.
What happened? Americans are constantly being told is a huge problem with
activist judges striking down laws and saying no to government. To avoid being
labeled as activists, judicial nominees emphasize their
commitment to humility, restraint, and deference. “Deference.””Deference.”
“Deference.” “Deference to the legislative branch.” In vast areas of constitutional law,
judges have exchanged their gavels for rubber stamps. Congress passed 15,817 laws between
1954 and 2002 of which the Supreme Court
struck down just 103, two-thirds of 1 percent. Of the $1
million state laws passed during that time the Supreme Court struck down less than
1/20 of 1 percent. The real problem is not judicial activism, it’s judicial abdication. In vast areas of
law today, from federalism to economic liberty and
property rights, our courts are asleep at the helm. What’s the solution to judicial
abdication? It’s judicial engagement. True facts, honest answers, and real judging in all
cases. Pick up Terms of Engagement today.


  • XCritonX

    The citizenry should have the right to reject any law they deem unfit by a simple petition of no less than 20% of the population.

  • scrappmutt2

    Switzerland gives people the right to call a referendum on any law passed. Another way to accomplish a rejection of law (at least in a true republic) is to give a newly elected Congress the ability to unilaterally repeal any legislation that was passed in the previous session. Things like the ACA would of been gone along time ago and our current budget crisis would not be an issue.

  • UnknownXV

    A video as important and educational as this has 5,000 views whereas a Miley Cyrus video has hundreds of millions.

    I really think people are stupid and just don't give a damn that their rights are being trampled everyday, until it directly affects them. Very, very sad. 🙁 

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